Tooltip sample 1


Aug 28, 2015 Release
This addon shows auction house information on the tooltip when you hover over an item in your bags. The addon requires you to scan the auction house in order to provide accurate information. Auction house scanning is done by pressing the blue wrench icon on the top left corner of the normal auction house window. Try to scan every few days in order to keep the prices accurate. The numbers wont match the current auction house items exactly, as they are calculated over a number of days. Min is...


Aug 25, 2015 Release
Video guide about gadgets configuration and capability It have five parts: Part 1. Standart Rift UI setup Part 2. Addon Gadgets setup ( Heal_profile ) Part 3. Addon Gadgets: Buffs setup ( for Heal_profile ) Part 4. Addon Gadgets setup (how to make DPS profile from our HEAL profile) Part 5. Addon Gadgets Macros setup All of them you can find here Wish List Write here your thoughts about what you wish to be added or change with Gadgets. How to... I create "How to" pages, where i'm write...
Dark Heal Frames

Dark Heal Frames

Aug 24, 2015 Release
This is Gadgets Unitframe where the units are dark green and the background is red. I tried a full black color but it didn't work for range players so some color was needed. Cleanse-able frames supported, frames turn purple when a cleanse needs to be cleaned.


Aug 24, 2015 Beta
This addon allows you to create screen notifications and apply multiple Triggers (conditions) when the notifications should be displayed. This allows you to have and manage one screen object per notification type like, Jump, Interrupt, Run but is versatile enough to hone down into your role in raid or your chosen spec (otherwise called role too.) Trigger Features: Triggers are stored globally, shards and accounts share the same triggers. No more transferring and trying to figure out how to...
Screen 1

Choco's Cooldowns

Aug 16, 2015 Release
Features Cooldown Tracker - Used to track all major raid dps cooldowns and a select few healing cooldowns. Abilities tracked include Flaring Power, Defend the Fallen, Wild Growth, Verse of Joy, Focused Fire, Unstable Transformation and Fiery Will among others. Cooldowns may be tracked via Karuul-styled "alerts" or RaidCoolDowns-styled "bars". Buff Tracker - Used to track many raid buffs, debuffs and personal consumables. Support Tracker - Used to track the support roles in your raid and...

Imhothar's Bags

Jul 27, 2015 Beta
General Information Imhothar's Bags is there to ease the management of your items accross multiple characters and adds some little "extras" to your UI. Due to current API limitations it does not do what it was originally intended for (namely replacing the default inventory windows) but rest assured that is to be added as soon as the Addon API allows it. Until then you get the advantage of having all your items displayed in one window, so you get a nice overview of your belongings. You can...
Planar attunement spells.

Rusty's Action Bars

Jul 27, 2015 Release
This is a fairly basic action bar addon. The slash commands are "/rab" and "/rustactionbars". You can create an arbitrary number of rectangular action bars with an arbitrary number of buttons on them. You can drag abilities and items onto the buttons. Clicking on them activates them. Right clicking or dragging an icon removes it from the bar. You can drag a frame by left-click dragging the green button at the top-left of the frame. You can delete a frame by clicking the red button at the...

Completionist (Quest finding addon)

Jul 25, 2015 Release
This simple addon provides a list of all the quests you have not completed in a zone. Just press the quest button to open the addon and then select the zone you wish to check. The addon will automatically update as you complete quests. The addon will show the coordinates of the quest giver if it is available. You can also filter the uncompleted quests by reward type (currencies or faction notoriety types). You can move the quest button by right clicking and dragging to the desired spot. You...
Calendar Tab

BiS Calendar

Jul 15, 2015 Beta
BiS Calendar BiS Calendar is an ingame guild calendar addon for RIFT that is seemlessly integrated into your existing guild window. It'll allow your guild to set up events, and optionally post them to the guild wall so those not using it can be aware of incoming events too. Your guildies will be able to see the events, adjusted to their local timezone, and join / leave them at will, indicating which roles they can fulfill. Whether you're a serious raiding guild, a bunch of bloodthirsty pvpers...
Minion Sender

Minion Sender

Jul 11, 2015 Release
Minion Sender provides an interface to send your minions on adventures. You can configure level of minions to send, select adventure type, reserve stamina and auto-destroy dimension items if you want. Options menu available by right-click on main window. Action (send minion, claim reward, destroy dimension item) available by left-click on main-window. In the main window displayed following counters: available slots for minions / minions on adventures / completed adventures. When you send a...
Patronage Screenshot


Jun 23, 2015 Release
This project is based ENTIRELY upon Adelea's "PABuffs" addon ( and is being released with Adelea's permission. I tweaked a few things here and there; however, for the most part, it's just a derivation of "PABuffs". Patronage will put a small icon on your screen (circle, with a "P" inside). * If the icon is grayscale, then it means it is unlocked and can be dragged around to a better location. Once you are happy with the location, RIGHT CLICK on the...


Jun 22, 2015 Alpha
Displays a bar across the top of the game showing how long it will take to level. Inspired by the World of Warcraft addon Titan-Panel and it's XP bar.

Minion Trainer

May 31, 2015 Release
Want to send your minions on experience missions, but hate having to bring up the screen-eating minion interface every 60 seconds while you're doing other things? Minion tracker provides an extremely fast interface to send your minions to their next adventure. Simply rotate your mouse wheel over the icon to collect rewards and send minions on a new adventure. When you hover over the icon, the popup will let you select which profile to use for for choosing the adventures and minions. With the...


May 23, 2015 Release
LibSimpleWidgets is a library which provides a set of simple widgets not provided by the official Rift API. It integrates into the UI.CreateFrame function, adding several new frame types: SimpleCheckbox (checkbox with a label) SimpleGrid (grid of widgets) SimpleList (list of selectable items, single/multi-select) SimpleScrollList (same as above, scrollable, handles very large lists, recommended as replacement for SimpleList+SimpleScrollView) SimpleRadioButton (radio button with a label)...


Apr 27, 2015 Release
This addon is aiming at replacing the standard main and minimap. Due to API restrictions it is not a 100% match. However it compensates with additional functionality. After you installed this addon you'll find a new window on the screen. You can drag this to whatever position you like. It shows the map of your current zone. In difference to the standard map this addon does not differentiate between main map and minimap. There's ony one which can be maximized and always shows all information...


Apr 27, 2015 Release
EnKai is a library which aims at standardising often used functionality and providing advanced ui elements which the Rift API does not provide. This library is used in all of my updated addons. All of the ui elements you can find in my addons are done using this library. Within the zip you'll find a readme.odt file. In there is the library documentation. I'll try to keep it updated if the library changes. Currently it's only about halfway done. Feel free to use this library in your addons....


Apr 27, 2015 Release
This is a plugin for nkAdvisor. You need nkAdvisor for this plugin to work nkAdvisorLoot adds loot tables for Storm Legion to nkAdvisor. The module will eventually feature a full list of all items available through instances (normal, expert, master and raid), rifts (normal and raid), pvp, professions, badges, ... The following loot tables are done: Items that can be bought by badges obtained in experts and raids Upgraded expert Items Items that can be bought for stones dropped by zone events...


Apr 26, 2015 Release
nkWardrobe helps you in maintaining and changing your equipment sets. Addon button The addon will display a 'nk' Button which allows for quick configuration of all of my addons. So all my addons (if you installed more than one) will use that button. By Left-Clicking on the button you'll get a menu where you can select 'nkWardrobe'. Then again a new menu will show up allowing you to activate 'sets'. Set button You'll find a new 'set button' below the minimap. Using this button you can switch...
quest tracker window


Apr 26, 2015 Release
nkQuestTracker is a replacement for the standard quest tracker. It lists all quests in a scrollable list which of course can be moved to wherever you want on the screen. The header of the quest tracker can be disabled in the configuration. It is also possible to auto hide the quest tracker body after 5 seconds. This addon features some advanced features over the default quest tracker: It lists all quests you have (not only 6 or were it 5?) quests are grouped in logical categories like...


Apr 26, 2015 Release
This is a plugin for nkAdvisor. You need nkAdvisor for this plugin to work nkAdvisor:Search adds a complete searchable database of all level 58-60 gear to the addon. You can select the desired slot and a list of all items will be shown along with their stats. Only items useably for your class are being shown. The list will show all stats of the items. You can scroll through the list using the mouse wheel. If nkAdvisor:Rating is also installed the items will be rated according to your rating...