Imhothar's Bags

Apr 16, 2014 Beta
General Information Imhothar's Bags is there to ease the management of your items accross multiple characters and adds some little "extras" to your UI. Due to current API limitations it does not do what it was originally intended for (namely replacing the default inventory windows) but rest assured that is to be added as soon as the Addon API allows it. Until then you get the advantage of having all your items displayed in one window, so you get a nice overview of your belongings. You can...

Alecs Cooldown Notifier

Apr 15, 2014 Release
Simple cooldown notifier which will display icon of an ability which goes off cooldown. Inspired by Doom_CooldownPulse for WoW Usage /acdn

Alecs Scrolling Combat Text

Apr 14, 2014 Planning
Fully configurable scrolling combat text. Addon in development. Alpha version coming soon.
KTE2 v0.1


Apr 09, 2014 Beta
This addon is a rewrite of KnowThineEnemy by NerfedWar. This extension tracks the abilities used by your friends and enemies and determines the roles and eventually the actual build they are using. The Role/Build data is displayed in a movable HUD when someone is targeted. Features: Adds a class info to the HUD Enhances the HUD with detailed role/build data Automatically detects the player role/ability/soul based on the used spells Support for buff, debuff, heal, spell detection for mostly...

Gadgets: Aggro

Apr 05, 2014 Release
A simple addon for notifying the player of gain / loss of aggro. Thanks goes to Wildtide for making this addon possible. Note: The Rift API does not expose full threat or aggro tables, and as such this addon cannot detect (for instance) a tank losing aggro on a single NPC out of a group of NPCs and cannot be used outside of a party. Support for a "tank mode" (detecting when another party member gains aggro) is planned.


Apr 04, 2014 Release
Attend is a raid attendance tracking addon. Features: - provide a history of the raids you have entered - provide the members of each raid and how long they participated - allows exporting the raid details as bbcode for your forums - provide support for recording standby members in your raid - ability to merge a raid with the previous raid Up coming features: - record the date/time each raid happened (awaiting Trion to enhance addon api) - record the loot won by each raid member (awaiting...
DT Main Window

Dimension Tools

Apr 03, 2014 Release
Dimension Tools This is an addon to provide you with extra tools to aid you in the building of your dimensions. Features: Move, Rotate and Scale Tools. Move items by typing in numbers for the X, Y and Z axis, either relative or absolute. Rotate items by typing in numbers for the Yaw, Pitch and Roll, either relative or absolute. Scale items by typing in numbers for the Scale, either relative or absolute. Copy & Paste Tool. Copy an item and paste those stats to any other item in your dimension....
0.4.5 Search tab


Apr 03, 2014 Release
Auction house addon for RIFT Work in progress Posting features: Auto splitting of item stacks Auto posting Undercut on right click Posting queue management Own auctions tracking features: Tracks all your characters' auctions Shows competition for your auctions Fast auction cancel Use /bah or /bananah to show the window. More features will come soon!

Unstable/Bloodfire Event Tracker

Mar 31, 2014 Beta
The Unstable and Bloodfire Event Tracker for RIFT will share information between all those using it, for event notification. When you enter a zone with an Unstable and Bloodfire Event active, or the event starts while you are there, the addon will broadcast to your guild/raid/party/zone in the background. Those using the tracker will get a notification in the General tab, as well as a screen notification (if visible set to ON), and rebroadcast to thier guild/raid/party/zone depending on where...


Mar 30, 2014 Release
Auto filters your watched quests for just your current location. No configuration needed. Just load and go. It will auto hides/show quests so all you see are what you have in the zone you are currently in.
Basic raid layout

Click Box Healer

Mar 30, 2014 Release
CBH will be converting to a new name soon. Will provide link with that when it happens. Reason? I have learned and grown a lot since CBH started. As this is becoming more than just raid frames and a healing addon, I feel it deserves a different name. This is still a little ways out, but will be coming all the same. The new frames I added are the foundation for the re-code of CBH into something much better. Thanks for everyone that has stuck to CBH and provided support and patience. Let's...
ESM Live

ESM Watch

Mar 29, 2014 Release
Description: Very light-weight addon made simply to monitor your Empyreal Slayer Mark gains each week. MANUAL RESET REQUIRED. Please use /esm reset after Wednesday resets to start over. Basics: Right Click to unlock/lock frame in place. Left Click and drag to move when frame is unlocked. Use /esm for more options such as hiding, resetting counts, defaulting settings, etc.
0.9.5 Frame


Mar 24, 2014 Release
GroupWatch Intro GroupWatch shows your entire party or raid in a compact grid, allowing you to see everyone's status. Each member's panel will turn red with aggro, and will show their health, power (mana/energy), multiple timerbars (to which spells can be bound and their buffs tracked), multiple buttons (to which spells can also be bound) and the heath of their target. The GroupWatch WoW AddOn was originally designed for tanks, but was great for healers and useful to everyone. This GroupWatch...
ConquestTracker: Window - Time left


Mar 22, 2014 Beta
Displays the status of conquest everywhere when one of your guildmates is inside. Both need the addon active. Alternatively, you can use the global option to recieve data from other players. Commandlist: /cqt on Addon is visible (default) /cqt off Addon is hidden /cqt toggle Addon toggles between on and off /cqt auto Addon is only visible when necessary /cqt guild Addon use only data collected from guildmates (default) /cqt global Addon use all data sources
DCM in action


Mar 11, 2014 Release
DailyCraftingMaterials Checks and shows the shortfall of materials to complete your daily crafting quests. After getting annoyed at the Rift quest system telling me I had enough materials to complete all my daily crafting quests, only to have some go un-complete as I handed in other, I wrote this addon to check materials for all dailies. The minimap button: The left grayscale image is shown when the button is unlocked (moveable), and the right image...

Gadgets: BuffWatch

Mar 11, 2014 Planning
BuffWatch is a Gadget that lets you create buttons for abilities that are tied to a certain unit and that tracks the created buff on that unit. Some examples: Cast "Symbol of the Torch" on your focus, but have it grayed out and a countdown for the 'Burnout" debuff Make sure you always keep your important debuffs and dots on your target (i.e. "Ace Shot" and "Splinter Shot") Set up quick shielding/healing for your target's target when fighting bosses

Rift Pie Menu

Mar 11, 2014 Planning
Pie menu much like seen in Sims, Neverwinter nights and some other games.

Quest Watch Assistant

Mar 11, 2014 Release
Command /qwa without arguments shows the usage /qwa hide - hides currently watched quests /qwa restore - restores watched quests hidden by /qwa hide Restore doesn't remember hidden quests across sessions /qwa hide complete - hides quests that are complete and waiting to be returned /qwa watch profession - adds all current profession quests to watchlist /qwa autowatchzone - toggles between autowatchzone on or off Autowatchzone is on by default and also the state is not remembered across...
Indiana tooltip

Indiana's Artifact Catalogue of Doom

Mar 10, 2014 Release
Indy is an in-game artifact catalogue born out of necessity and a lack of artifact APIs. Setup: Create a macro "AddArtifact" with text "indy additem" Create a macro "DelArtifact" with text "indy deleteitem" Drag the macros onto your quickbars and assign a keybinding to them Mouseover any artifacts you have collected and while the tooltip is displayed, hit the AddArtifact macro to record that the item has been collected by the current character. If you make a mistake, mouseover the item and...


Mar 09, 2014 Beta
Simple tool to keep your inventory, bank, and guild bank nice and tidy. Various sorting methods available from simply moving items to fill empty slots, alphabetical order, to following the list of types on the auction house. To setup simply choose where you want the xBagSort button to be for your inventory and/or bank. Click to expand it and get your bags in order! Left-click the XBS button to expand the menu and configure sorting options. Right-click the XBS button to sort based on the last...