Nov 25, 2015 Release
LibSimpleWidgets is a library which provides a set of simple widgets not provided by the official Rift API. It integrates into the UI.CreateFrame function, adding several new frame types: SimpleCheckbox (checkbox with a label) SimpleGrid (grid of widgets) SimpleList (list of selectable items, single/multi-select) SimpleScrollList (same as above, scrollable, handles very large lists, recommended as replacement for SimpleList+SimpleScrollView) SimpleRadioButton (radio button with a label)...
Indiana tooltip

Indiana's Artifact Catalogue of Doom

Nov 25, 2015 Release
Indy is an in-game artifact catalogue born out of necessity and a lack of artifact APIs. Setup: Create a macro "AddArtifact" with text "indy additem" Create a macro "DelArtifact" with text "indy deleteitem" Drag the macros onto your quickbars and assign a keybinding to them Mouseover any artifacts you have collected and while the tooltip is displayed, hit the AddArtifact macro to record that the item has been collected by the current character. If you make a mistake, mouseover the item and...
Triggers Configures


Nov 25, 2015 Release
Welcome to triggers, a new way to think about alerts! Triggers was designed around the concept that a screen icon could be displayed or hidden based on multiple conditions. We call this icon a notification and the conditions to display the icon are triggers. This concept allows us to create a notification that takes on meaning, like interrupt or purge, and have a single image association with that meaning. Triggers comes with 8 standardized notifications but you can create as many...
Screen 1

Choco's Cooldowns

Nov 23, 2015 Release
Features Cooldown Tracker - Used to track all major raid dps cooldowns and a select few healing cooldowns. Abilities tracked include Flaring Power, Defend the Fallen, Wild Growth, Verse of Joy, Focused Fire, Unstable Transformation and Fiery Will among others. Cooldowns may be tracked via Karuul-styled "alerts" or RaidCoolDowns-styled "bars". Buff Tracker - Used to track many raid buffs, debuffs and personal consumables. Support Tracker - Used to track the support roles in your raid and...
1.4.6 Options

King Boss Mods

Nov 15, 2015 Release
Follow us on Twitter @KingBossMods for in-game update notifications. You can also follow development news at KBM's Facebook page. KBM Plug-Ins KBM MarkIt v0.1.9 KBM Add Watch v0.2.6 You can help test KBM by using the alpha version by downloading via The Curse Client or manually from The Official KBM file directory. If you are using alpha versions please ensure any bug reports include which alpha version you were using at the time:- Video Spotlight: Storm Legion Imperium of Zaviel YouTube SL...

Completionist (Quest finding addon)

Nov 12, 2015 Release
This simple addon provides a list of all the quests you have not completed in a zone. Just press the quest button to open the addon and then select the zone you wish to check. The addon will automatically update as you complete quests. The addon will show the coordinates of the quest giver if it is available. You can also filter the uncompleted quests by reward type (currencies or faction notoriety types). You can move the quest button by right clicking and dragging to the desired spot. You...


Oct 30, 2015 Release
! Brutmutter was closed so i had to move. Now i'm on Brutwacht, and my new name is Sylthari ! Description The original idea is taken from this addon, written by Bombshelly. The addon allows you to send bags full of artifacts to another toon, quick and easy. I updated the functions to the new API and fixed some errors. Also i removed the mail body, since it prevents the automatic deletion of mails after you auto-looted them. The main functionality stays the same, with a few additions: Features...
Calendar Tab

BiS Calendar

Oct 28, 2015 Beta
BiS Calendar BiS Calendar is an ingame guild calendar addon for RIFT that is seemlessly integrated into your existing guild window. It'll allow your guild to set up events, and optionally post them to the guild wall so those not using it can be aware of incoming events too. Your guildies will be able to see the events, adjusted to their local timezone, and join / leave them at will, indicating which roles they can fulfill. Whether you're a serious raiding guild, a bunch of bloodthirsty pvpers...
Rift Meter Config

Rift Meter

Oct 27, 2015 Release
Rift Meter is a combat tracker inspired by Recount and Skada Damage Meter. How to use Set sort mode by right clicking the header bar Navigate through the modes by clicking the rows (left, right and middle clicks) Scroll if the items exceed the shown rows Features Navigate through all past encounters Death log. Set sort mode to Deaths and click on a player. Ability breakdown Detailed ability information Breakdown per unit. Middle click Detailed ability breakdown per unit Include absorbs as...


Oct 19, 2015 Release
PullTimer will show everybody in your raid when the boss will be pulled. As soon as somebody initiates the pull, everybody will see a timer. Use "/pt config" to configure how long the timer will be. Use "/pt hide" and "/pt show" to hide or show the start button. Hold down the right mouse button to drag around the start button. Everybody in your raid needs to install the addon to see the timer.


Oct 18, 2015 Release
RareTracker is my take on a rare-mob hunting addon. If you are in a zone with Rare mobs, then RareTracker will display 2 things. 1. A window listing rare mobs, distance to their spawn point and an arrow showing COMPASS direction This window can be moved by dragging the title bar around whilst holding the left mouse button. Clicking with the left mouse button on the darker green MODE: line, will toggle between Available and ALL modes. Left clicking on any of the elements (arrow/name/range)...

Quest Finder

Oct 16, 2015 Release
This is a simple little addon for finding missing quests in your current zone. Currently Quest Finder tracks: 2,217 Quests for Guardian and Defiant 711 Quests for Guardian only 752 Quests for Defiant only Source Quest data file contains: 13,743 Total Quests in Rift 10,063 Repeatable Quests purged (Dailies, Weeklies) 670 Quests purged as depreciated Commands: /qfhelp List available commands in game. /qfind List missing quest(s) for your current location, and which quests you currently have in...
Equipment manager

Gadgets: Outfitter

Oct 16, 2015 Release
A Special thanks for the original author Wykkyd for making this incredible addon! Outfitter is an Equipment Set management addon that can treat your Wardrobe slots as secondary storage. The 'Button Bars' that you create are extremely configurable and will expand and collapse, or open the configuration window, with a simple click of the mouse. Once expanded each button bar will display the buttons for the sets you have created, allowing you to change gear, role, wardrobe & Karuul Alert...

Carnage Book

Oct 14, 2015 Release
Basic addon that checks completed quests against a dump of the discovery quest database, looking for missing Carnage quests. Sadly, there's no easy way to work out in which Carnage quest you're missing when you're staring at a 28/29 completion total. This addon attempts to fill that gap by listing out which carnage quests haven't been completed, or picked up, in a particular zone. Additionally, the objective text is printed out for each missing Carnage quest. Usage: /carnage Open up the...
Planar attunement spells.

Rusty's Action Bars

Oct 13, 2015 Release
This is a fairly basic action bar addon. The slash commands are "/rab" and "/rustactionbars". You can create an arbitrary number of rectangular action bars with an arbitrary number of buttons on them. You can drag abilities and items onto the buttons. Clicking on them activates them. Right clicking or dragging an icon removes it from the bar. You can drag a frame by left-click dragging the green button at the top-left of the frame. You can delete a frame by clicking the red button at the...

Mere Healing Frames

Oct 12, 2015 Release
The frames are now at the point they're configurable by others (I won't say easy to configure :) There's config UI available by running: /mhf config to bring up the config dialog. Basic buff tracking is in (stacks and timers should work) The buff/debuff lists are a priority ordered list. IE the first buff will be shown that is active from the list. The Buff Slots are harder to explain, currently slots 1 is Top Right, then slot 5 is on the left. Eventually you'll be able to map icons to any...
Cleaner primalist bars

Clean Primalist Bar

Oct 12, 2015 Beta
Trion's default Primalist focus bar has a lot of stuff on it which can make it hard to see what's going on at a glance. This version is intended to be a clean, minimalistic replacement to the default one with much the same layout. "/cpb setpos" will allow you to move it around the screen and change its size. Enter the same command again to have it stay put again. "/cpb help" will display other commands.

Group Buff Tracker

Oct 09, 2015 Release
A tracker to let you watch buffs on units other than yourself, your target and your focus. It's intended to complement KaruulAlert for the few specs which benefit from it, such as tracking stacking HoTs or DoTs on multiple foes at once. It uses a config interface which was just a little inspired by KAlert's. I decided it would be nice to be able watch buffs on all party or raid members at once. At that time I didn't know about the various addons which were capable of doing this, so I went and...


Oct 05, 2015 Release
Video guide about gadgets configuration and capability It have five parts: Part 1. Standart Rift UI setup Part 2. Addon Gadgets setup ( Heal_profile ) Part 3. Addon Gadgets: Buffs setup ( for Heal_profile ) Part 4. Addon Gadgets setup (how to make DPS profile from our HEAL profile) Part 5. Addon Gadgets Macros setup All of them you can find here Wish List Write here your thoughts about what you wish to be added or change with Gadgets. How to... I create "How to" pages, where i'm write...
Main Merisioux Window


Oct 04, 2015 Release
SLIGHTLY MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm pushing up a new update for Merisioux to fix compatibility with Gadgets and other addons using Gadgets' version of LibDraggable. It's a dirty fix, but it works until Seebs himself fixes it or I get around to making a proper fix. NOTE: I am not the author of this addon, but I have permission from him to upload and maintain it on Curse. If you require support or to get in touch with the author, you can do so on the RiftUI page for Merisioux. The rest of this...