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Nov 25, 2014 Release
MapExtession addon displays locations for different achievement objectives and resource nodes on the alternative (not built-in) map. All data may be filtered by category and achievement objectives can be filtered by completion status. Currently addon supports maps for Mathosia and Storm Legion. Following ahievement categories are supported: Rare mobs, Hendges, Cairns, Jumps, Puzzles, Named mobs. Resource tracking stores positions for all resource nodes, artifacts that are displayed on minimap...


Nov 24, 2014 Beta
RGM - Rift Game Manager Full combat parsing with combat logs for players, and an absorb to heal converter. Player, player pet, group and group pet combat detection. Instance sync for addon data sharing with units out of event range. Programmable cast bar, which can display specific ability/spell names only. Programmable buff/debuff tracker, Hopefully will add alot of options etc. No addon library requirement, all code needed is self contained. Extra friendly user interface. With dual panel...

Quest Finder

Nov 23, 2014 Release
This is a simple little addon for finding missing quests in your current zone. Currently Quest Finder tracks: 2,046 Quests for Guardian and Defiant 711 Quests for Guardian only 752 Quests for Defiant only Source Quest data file contains: 12,967 Total Quests in Rift 9,458 Repeatable Quests purged (Dailies, Weeklies) 667 Quests purged as depreciated Commands: /qfhelp List available commands in game. /qfind List missing quest(s) for your current location, and which quests you currently have in...


Nov 23, 2014 Release
This is a plugin for nkAdvisor V3.0.0. You need nkAdvisor V3.0.0 for this plugin to work nkAdvisor:Rating adds item rating to nkAdvisor. If this module is loaded by itself you can activate a rating window to show up whenver you hover of an item. If nkAdvisor:Loot or nkAdvisor:Search are also loaded this addon will provide rating functionality for these modules. If loaded a 'rating' tab will show up in the nkAdvisor window. In this tab your define rating sets and assign artificial values to...
loot tables


Nov 23, 2014 Release
This addon started out as a database to search for items ingame. Through time the addon has grown to the point it was featuring a lot of functionality. Not all functionality was wanted by every user. So since Version 2.5.0 nkAdvisor is basically a framework to load modules. The modules are actually addons just like nkAdvisor. They integrate themselfs into nkAdvisor and offer various functionality. By this concept the user can decide which modules (e.g. functionality he really wants)....


Nov 22, 2014 Release
nkQuestLog is a replacement for the standard quest log. It lists all quests in a scrollable list which of course can be moved to wherever you want on the screen. The header of the questlog can be disabled in the configuration. This addon features some advanced features over the default quest log: It lists all quests you have (not only 6 or were it 5?) quests are grouped in logical categories like crafting, world, event, etc. quests are ordered by name within a category categories can be...


Nov 22, 2014 Release
nkWardrobe helps you in maintaining and changing your equipment sets. Addon button The addon will display a 'nk' Button which allows for quick configuration of all of my addons. So all my addons (if you installed more than one) will use that button. By Left-Clicking on the button you'll get a menu where you can select 'nkWardrobe'. Then again a new menu will show up allowing you to activate 'sets'. Set button You'll find a new 'set button' below the minimap. Using this button you can switch...
Alert message and Options

Rally Alert

Nov 17, 2014 Release
This is a simple addon to add additional visibility when a guild rally banner is dropped. The addon does require the user have at least 1 Rally Banner in their Inventory. Options: /ral - opens the options menu /ral clear - manually clears the rally alert screen message
Equipment manager

Gadgets: Outfitter

Nov 17, 2014 Release
A Special thanks for the original author Wykkyd for making this incredible addon! Outfitter is an Equipment Set management addon that can treat your Wardrobe slots as secondary storage. The 'Button Bars' that you create are extremely configurable and will expand and collapse, or open the configuration window, with a simple click of the mouse. Once expanded each button bar will display the buttons for the sets you have created, allowing you to change gear, role, wardrobe & Karuul Alert...
reputation window


Nov 15, 2014 Release
While doing the dailies to gain reputation with factions I got sick of constantly checking my char window to find out how far I am from maxing the faction out. This addon creates a small display on the screen which will show you reputation gains. Whenever you do something which changes the reputation with a faction this window will add the faction and your current standing to the list and displays it. If you have my other addon nkPanel installed, nkReputation will automatically integrate...


Nov 13, 2014 Release
RareTracker is my take on a rare-mob hunting addon. If you are in a zone with Rare mobs, then RareTracker will display 2 things. 1. A window listing rare mobs, distance to their spawn point and an arrow showing COMPASS direction This window can be moved by dragging the title bar around whilst holding the left mouse button. Clicking with the left mouse button on the darker green MODE: line, will toggle between Available and ALL modes. Left clicking on any of the elements (arrow/name/range)...


Nov 10, 2014 Release
RareDar helps you track and locate rare mobs that are in your proximity. Installation and Usage RareDar has a small window that shows a radar screen. It detects when you're in a zone/area that might have rare mobs, and if so, changes the radar screen color to green. Left-clicking the green radar screen trys to target all mobs that might be close, so you have an increased chance of spotting them. Right-Clicking the "RareDar" text shows a menu of known Zones, from where you can select the zone...


Nov 10, 2014 Planning
Just a simple yet fun event notification. Whenever you Crit, one of twelve different lightning bolts will be randomly selected to flash on your screen for an instant. The placement is Upper-Left from Center. It makes for an awesome show when you catch a killer streak of Critical Hits! Here are a couple of examples of what it looks like for a brief moment as you Crit. Example #1: Example #2: To contact me or to send me Beer Plat, you can reach me at Salubri@Deepwood ;)


Nov 08, 2014 Release
Teleporter gathers all your teleport spells and items into one place. If you have Docker installed, it will place an icon in the Dock. Else, the icon has two states - grey (unlocked, can be moved), blue (locked, cannot be moved) If locked in place, then moving the mouse over it will produce a popup menu - simply click on an ability to use it. Only abilities and items you currently have should be shown. If an ability/item is currently on cooldown, then the remaining time before the...

Resource Radar

Nov 01, 2014 Release
Uses minimap data to display nearby resource nodes around the middle of the screen. Uses the icons of the resources so you have a better chance of telling what they are. Usage: /redartoggles display /redar helpdisplays help /redar crosshairtoggles crosshair display /redar northtoggles north display /redar rotatetoggles display rotation /redar iconsizedisplays the current icon size /redar iconsize Nsets the current iconsize to N (10-100) /redar iconsize defaultsets the current iconsize to 20...
1.4.6 Options

King Boss Mods

Nov 01, 2014 Release
Follow us on Twitter @KingBossMods for in-game update notifications. You can also follow development news at KBM's Facebook page. Top Raid Streams featuring KBM [EU] Imperium Gaming Top Tier progression raiding, tips and sign-up details. PoV Warrior Tank. [NA] Ceelo_mage (Give-a-ways!) Top raiding tips - nail that dps! PoV Mage. [NA] Nankoto Progression Raiding, Vent overlay - PoV Mage. [NA] Mimssy (Give-a-ways!) Raiding tips and progression! PoV Warrior DPS. KBM Plug-Ins KBM MarkIt v0.1.9...


Oct 31, 2014 Release
I wrote this addon when levelling Foraging - since it was annoying to me to keep checking what the icons on the minimap were. If you have Docker installed, it will place an icon in the Dock. If you do not have Docker, it will place an icon somewhere in the topleft of the screen. The icon is a silver diamond on a minimap style button. The button will initially be gray, and can be moved around by dragging. Once it is in place, RIGHT CLICK the button, and it will gain some color. At this point,...
Safekoto (Chloro)


Oct 30, 2014 Release
Stand-alone Scrolling Combat Text If you prefer your display less cluttered rather than 100's of numbers flying around obscuring your view, then this addon will help tidy this up by consolidating 'heal out' and 'damage out' combat text in to their own scroller. It will also use an additive damage and healing system to group AoE damage and healing into a single number. Surely everyone likes bigger numbers in their RPG! Be aware, this is stable but unfinished. Expect to see more scrollers and...

Carnage Book

Oct 27, 2014 Release
Basic addon that checks completed quests against a dump of the discovery quest database, looking for missing Carnage quests. Sadly, there's no easy way to work out in which Carnage quest you're missing when you're staring at a 28/29 completion total. This addon attempts to fill that gap by listing out which carnage quests haven't been completed, or picked up, in a particular zone. Additionally, the objective text is printed out for each missing Carnage quest. Usage: /carnage Open up the...


Oct 23, 2014 Release
When Haberdash first loads, it will do one of two things: If Docker is installed, it will place a blue icon (with a ribbon and a number) in the Dock or If Docker is not installed, it will place a gray icon somewhere in the top-left of the screen. This icon can be dragged around and positioned where you want. Once it is in the right position, right-click it, and it will change colour and lock into place. (Right-clicking it again, will unlock it, turn it gray and allow it to be moved). Once the...