Super Meter

Main Frame

Super Meter

The Low Cost Advanced Combat Parser With Raid Sync


  • No library's and attention to addon CPU costs.
  • First ability tracking and 8 enter combat triggers.
  • Full pet tracking for group and non-group members.
  • 14 combat modes: Damage, healing, absorbs, blocks etc.
  • Auto force start combat and auto force end combat features.
  • Absorb to heal tracking and converter, Filters need translating.
  • Highly detailed standard and advanced breakdowns by ability, Including damage type.
  • Session manager: Where you can delete, export, import, rename or view a specific session.
  • 3 unit display styles: White text, calling coloured text or calling coloured bars.
  • Player session combat logs and session death logs with event coloured text.
  • Export stats for both allies and enemies and log entry's for players.
  • Silent sync feature to share data with allies using Super Meter.
  • Merge all sessions: To view all sessions as one.

Slash Commands:

  • /sm - Toggles the Super Meter options bar
  • /sm switch - Toggles Super Meter On/Off.
  • /sm toggle - Toggles view of the main frame.
  • /sm reset - Resets the addons settings.

Add Or Remove Filters:

  • Open "SuperMeter-Filter.lua" with wordpad or similar.
  • Copy any line and paste it in the section you wish to edit, then rename it.
  • Backup your changes to a text file.
  • Then simply /reloadui in game.

Install Instructions

  • Press the escape button in game, select addons and disable Super Meter.
  • Press the "open addon" directory button.
  • Delete any old versions of Super Meter.
  • Install the new version of Super Meter.
  • Enable Super Meter in game.


  • Ferather@Gelidra


  • All past Rift parser addon author's for paving the way.

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Dec 04, 2011
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Oct 19, 2013
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