Oct 19, 2016 Release
LibSimpleWidgets is a library which provides a set of simple widgets not provided by the official Rift API. It integrates into the UI.CreateFrame function, adding several new frame types: SimpleCheckbox (checkbox with a label) SimpleGrid (grid of widgets) SimpleList (list of selectable items, single/multi-select) SimpleScrollList (same as above, scrollable, handles very large lists, recommended as replacement for SimpleList+SimpleScrollView) SimpleRadioButton (radio button with a label)...


Oct 16, 2016 Release
EnKai is a library which aims at standardising often used functionality and providing advanced ui elements which the Rift API does not provide. This library is used in all of my updated addons. All of the ui elements you can find in my addons are done using this library. Within the zip you'll find a readme.odt file. In there is the library documentation. I'll try to keep it updated if the library changes. Currently it's only about halfway done. Feel free to use this library in your addons....


Aug 20, 2016 Release
This is an ingame database of all quests trying to contribute information not available through the Rift API.


Apr 26, 2015 Release
This is an ingame db of all recipes for use within addons


Apr 26, 2015 Release
This library contains all level 60 gear and all other items relevant for level 60 players. The ingame API function only give a fraction of the available information which can be retrieved using this library. The library includes methods to search for items using the library key or using the ingame api key.
Custom Texture 1

Texture for KaruulAlert

Jan 14, 2014 Release
It include a lot of textures from Power Auras, which you can add and use in KaruulAlert addon. How to use it: Custom Edit Box - If you wish to display your own custom image instead of one of the system images you can fill in this box. Currently only PNG and TGA image formats are supported and if using TGA only uncompressed TGAs can be used. To load custom images: Place the PNG or TGA image file in the KaruulAlert\custom folder. Type the filename with extension into the Custom Edit Box. If...


Nov 09, 2013 Release
LibPGCEx is a modular Rift Addon Library built on top of LibPGC to further enhace its capabilities. Auction searchers Set up descriptive or code rules of which auctions you want to retrieve or monitorize, and this library will scan LibPGC's Auction DB to get the work done. These searchers can be used to apply filters the native auction house doesn't support, as "Show all auctions posted by character X", "Show all gear pieces that are better than mine", "Show all auctions whose price is below...


Nov 09, 2013 Release
LibPGC is a Rift Addon Library that extends AH functionality: Auction DB LibPGC maintains a database of auction data and allows to search active and expired auctions even when you don't have access to the auction house. In addition to the usual info provided by the API, it offers the following: Expiration time range: Tracks the expiration time of an auction with better accuracy than the Auction API. Alter support: Tracks auctions posted / bidded / bought by all characters in the same account....


Nov 05, 2013 Beta
blTasks blTasks is a library to split code execution over multiple frames to avoid lagging your users and being barked by the Evil Watchdog. The central element of this library are Tasks, which are user-supplied functions whose execution will be controlled by the library's scheduler. During the execution of these functions, they must signal the scheduler any time they're about to start a potentially time consuming block of code, so it can decide whether to continue during the current frame or...


Sep 28, 2013 Release
Yague is the GUI library used by BananAH, APGadget, QuestList & BiS Calendar, and provides controls with the distinctive look & feel of those addons. Yague controls have been designed to be both powerful and easy to use. It has been recently fully rewritten to workaround the limitations introduced in 1.9, and works asynchronously, splitting UI calculations across frames, so you don't have to care about your UI code triggering the Evil Watchdog. Yague includes the following controls: Panel...


Aug 08, 2013 Release
Information for Players - i.e. Not Addon Developers Dear player, this Addon is NOT intended to be used by you directly. If you just download this addon and install it, nothing will happen at all. So please don't do that. If you came to this site because you get errors in LibVersionCheck while playing, downloading the addon here and installing it will probably not fix your problem. LibVersionCheck is intended to be embedded in other Addons, and you have to download the newest version of that...
Main Window

API Browser

Aug 05, 2013 Release
General Information ApiBrowser acts as a central area for gathering Rift related API documentation. It is however not limited to the in-game Rift API and supports extension by other third party libraries or tools for which documentation can be provided by their authors. LibWiki is the actual powerhorse behind building, linking and displaying the individual pages. ApiBrowser provides the content and a UI for it. By default it comes shipped with the documentation for Rift (using...
Function Signatures


Aug 05, 2013 Release
General Information LibWiki provides facilities to easily build, display and navigate Wiki-like pages. It provides convenient PageContainer and Navigator objects which together are used to push/pop pages and navigate forward/backward like in a typical browser. (Browser not included...) It was developed together with ApiBrowser as the content displaying framework. The provided PageBuilder can construct structured pages from the following primitives with very little code: Header 1 A single line...


Aug 02, 2013 Alpha
LibLinAlg is designed for general purpose matrix handling. Special classes exist for strings and numbers, for efficient manipulation and numeric functionality such as matrix multiplication. Functionality such as e.g. inserting and removing rows and columns result in efficient and transparent handling of data. Methods such as 'foreach' allows for efficient application of functions with access to the respective matrix element indices on the entire matrix. Check out the full description at...


Jul 29, 2013 Alpha
Details of how to use library coming soon.


Jul 22, 2013 Release
General Information LibString adds new functions to Lua's string table for common tasks found in most string libraries. New string functions string.concat concatenates a list of strings. string.formatn enhances the default string.format with index-specifiers like "%1s %10i" for accessing arguments out-of-order. This is especially useful for localization. string.insert inserts a string into another at a specified index. string.join concatenates a list of strings by inserting a separator string...


Jul 22, 2013 Release
General Information LibAnimate is a library for performing time-based interpolation of values. It gives you the ability to animate properties of Rift frames out-of-the-box with very little code. It has a comprehensive set of interpolation functions for a high variety of animation curves. All you need to provide are starting values, end values, a duration and the name the of interpolation function, and the rest is handled behind the scenes for you. Simple Example In this example, we are going...

(LibSata) Safe's Table Library

Jul 18, 2013 Release
About This library provides several functions and methods for managing linked lists. These are non-indexed tables best used for first in-first out or last in-first out scenarios such as Stacks or Caching systems. It is flexible enough to be used for fast sort insertion since you can index table positions such as ("A", "B"..."Z") etc, and push new entries directly in these sub points. However, without direct access to file i/o within Rift, massive database handling is probably not advised....
Watchdog Forbidden


Jul 16, 2013 Release
This library has been created to keep out of the watchdog easily. Instead of having to write the whole coroutine mechanic each time you have performance issues, you can use this. It permit to create a coroutine in a couple of lines. To use it, just call corout(YourFunction) and it will start a coroutine running YourFunction automatically. You have to call corout.check() sometimes in your function to verify that the watchdog isn't about to cut of you addon. It is recommended to add a label to...


May 24, 2013 Alpha
This library is not finished, or ready for general use. The API is liable to change a lot. Please don't use it in any released addons until it has at least a beta release available. Thanks! LibGX provides commonly required functionality for RIFT addons. It is the library that underpins the Gadgets addon from version 0.5 onwards. LibGX is split up into separate namespaces. The following namespaces are included within the core GX library: GX This is the only globally accessible part of the API....