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What is KBM MarkIt

This Plug-In provides King Boss Mods a way to manage and interact with Rift marked units, whether they be friendly or hostile. You will need at least King Boss Mods v1.5.1 in order to use this Plug-In.

You can help test KBM Mark-It by using the alpha version from the following link. If you are using alpha versions please ensure any bug reports include which alpha version you were using at the time. Sometimes if using KBM alpha, you'll also need the latest Mark-It alpha.

Latest Alpha n/a


  • Download the zip file.
  • Extract, and copy the containing folder to your Addons directory. (As a normal addon)
  • Note: Do not install in the King Boss Mods folder.

How it Works

  • Interactive Mode
    • Left Click: Select a currently marked unit if one exists. If there are none, this will do nothing. Once select, the Mark Frame will show the Unit's name, HP Bar and Percentage of HP. It will also create a Trigger enabled Cast Bar which can utilize KBM's encounter triggers.
    • Right Click: Your current target gains this Mark Frames mark and any existing unit with this mark will be removed. If you have no target and that mark is assigned to a unit, this will clear the mark.
  • Static Mode
    • This mode is a simple visual display of the targets currently Marked. These can hide and show automatically depending on which units are marked and if they are seen. You cannot target or mark with Mark Frames with this option enabled.

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  • Avatar of Topiland Topiland Nov 11, 2013 at 21:42 UTC - 0 likes

    kbm 758 markit r43

    Error: performance warning In KingMolinator / Secure Leave stack traceback: KBMMarkIt/MarkIt.lua:251: in function 'SetPins' KBMMarkIt/MarkIt.lua:863: in function <KBMMarkIt/MarkIt.lua:847>

  • Avatar of AnonDev AnonDev Feb 27, 2012 at 15:11 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks for responding.

    I fiddled around with KBM and Markit on my system. I managed to make enoug fixes so that it works for me in all cases except when you remove the mark from a unit that does not have focus. The text/unit info is kind of orphaned until the next refresh of the specific unit or a recognized event for that unit.

    To fix that I was thinking about adding a middle click that forces a clear of the unit tracking and display until you put out another version.

    I love the mod and was thinking about how/if it would be possible to incorporate /target command to be able to select a mob in the crowd and then get it marked appropriately. Is that something you've put any thought into?

  • Avatar of Kekoas Kekoas Feb 26, 2012 at 23:53 UTC - 0 likes

    @AnonDev: Go

    Thanks for that. I have a new version of Mark-It due for release in a short while. It corrects some issues with the frames etc and adds an option to disable fade out style frames.

    I've spoken to Zorba about the Detail.Mark thing not really tying in correctly with how marks work and he agrees it's not working as it should. So, eventually we should see a separate Mark style API and thus I can finally clear up the current glitches related to none targeted marks being removed.

    I remove the text from the button to try and avoid the whole Detail.Mark thing from not firing. So, currently it doubles as a visual check to see if anyone in the raid currently has that unit as a target. (If you focus a marked unit, you'll have a personal frame stay up... or should)

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions :)

  • Avatar of AnonDev AnonDev Feb 26, 2012 at 22:23 UTC - 0 likes

    KBMMarkIt - Version = "0.0.5" KingMolinator - Version = "0.9.8"

    Once marking a unit, when you deselect the unit the text disappears from the mark it button.

    If you remove a mark number from a unit, the button does not update. It appears there is no Event.Unit.Detail.Mark fired when a mark is changed without the unit being selected.

    However, when you mouseover you get a Event.Unit.Add which can perform an update on the button text to clear() it. Not the most elegent fix, but it works so far on my system.



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