Change log

+ Can now add achvs via /commands again
+ Fix for new achvs being deleted from sets on a fresh login

+ Modifications to the search window to show categories and description text by Thorgeig/Wym
+ Added ability to modify non-active sets

+ Work around for the text field change bug
+ More 2.2 Event system changes

+ Explicitly SetLayer() everything on the search window. Hopefully will fix things for those ppl that cant click/active the filter section.
+ Fixes to libZoneChange
    - Fix for player changing zones by walking
    - Fix for logging in or /reloadui into a 'special' zone2.02r2
+ Fix to libZoneChange
+ Converted frame mouse handlers to 2.2 event system
+ Bug fix when selecting achvment from list, if taken from the 16+ place after scrolling
+ Switched to libZoneChange
+ Updated icon set
+ Switched to 2.2 Event system
+ If Gadgets is installed, you can now create extra READONLY display gadgets.
+ Should now work more reliably in Conquest
+ Hopefully fixed another watchdog warning
+ Added updates when things are taking a long time
+ Hopefully fixed some bugs reported in the daily email alert
+ Rationalised the scaling, so things shouldnt overlap
+ Added detection for new sliver
+ Hopefully prevents a nil error
+ /rattus add | delete, can now take a linked achv as parameter (from Arkz)
+ Hidden status from rightclick on minimap button is preserved across sessions
+ Options bar moved to minimap mouseover (/rattus options will toggle between minimap/header bar)
+ Add support for Docker
+ Using mousewheel up/down on the Search panel will scroll through the list of matching achievements
+ Using mousewheel up/down on the header icon will scale the display in 5% increments
+  Fixes for errors I have seen in the daily error alert email (nil table @1026, Text: Rattus.req @1341)
+ Try to prevent some rare errors related to zoning - possibly due to time ? (error in lines :1158 and :1341 on error report)
+ oops. After some refactoring, ended up with a C-call cross boundary
+ Maintains order thata achvs are added to tracker, and sorts active list according to this
+ Right clicking the map icon is a shortcut for creating a new set for current zone.
+ Added new icon on control panel - a folder. Mouseovering on this presents a dropdown of all sets for quick selection.
+ Feature update
++ /rattus autozone -- toggles autoloading of sets that match the zonename
++ or click the map icon in the controlpanel to toggle
++ /rattus new ZONE -- will create a new set named after your current zone. (ZONE is literal)
++ /rattus clear -- removes all achievements from current set, but leaves the set
++ icons in control panel go greyscale when the setting they represent is off.
++ Bug fix for setup of new users
+ Feature update
++ Added new /rattus commands :
++ /rattus add achvtname
++ /rattus delete achvtname (NOTE: this previously deleted achvt sets)
++ /rattus deleteset [name] - Delets set name, or active set if no name given
++ /rattus progress text - toggles display of text progress (or click the A+arrow icon)
++ /rattus progress bar - toggles display of bar progress (or click the bars icon)
++ The folder icon now needs to be RIGHT clicked to delete the current set
++ All control icons now in their own controlpanel that appears when you mouseover the Rattus header bar, and are much larger.
++ CREDIT: Icons from Silk icon set 1.3 (http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/)
+ Major rewrite of core processing engine
+ Moved update processing to a time-aware coroutine
+ Increased max number of tracked achvs to 15
+ Hopefully fixed the problem with alts having achvs marked complete, when they don't!
+ Updated for 1.9
+ Prevent deletion of current set.

+ Added achievement sets
/rattus new [NAME] - Creates a new set [called NAME]
/rattus load NAME - Loads the saved set called NAME
/rattus save NAME - Saves the current set as NAME
/rattus list - Lists all saved sets
/rattus delete NAME - Deletes the saved set called NAME

In addition to being able to load sets directly with load, if you right-click the !!! icon, it will cycle through all saved sets.

+ Left-Clicking the !!! Icon on the title bar will toggle display of completed objectives.
+ Fixed an error in some circumstances when an update happens
+ Fixed an error with showing achvs completed on other chars
+ Filters work a bit more as you may expect them to!
+ Fixed focus not being released
+ Fixed filter drawing as boxes
+ Added checkbox to toggle between all achievements and incomplete
+ Added filter to search window (uses lua patterns for advanced searching - see http://lua-users.org/wiki/PatternsTutorial)
/rattus display - Toggles display of tracker
/rattus add name of achievement - Manually adds achievement to tracker
/rattus remove name of achievement - Manually removes achievement from tracker


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Jun 14, 2013
Game version
  • 2.2
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