CurseForge Comms for May 5th, 2017

Greetings Authors! This is CurseForge Comms for May 5th, 2017!


We have quite a few things for you guys this week, but before we get started I wanted to introduce you to one of our new moderators, Technostar98!


Many of you may have noticed his name popping up either approving or denying your projects and files. He just started this week, and I’m sure you guys will be seeing a lot of him around the communities.


With this new addition to our team, moderation will now have 24 hour coverage for all addons and mods, aside from Bukkit which requires special training. Store order audit times remain unchanged. This new moderation schedule starts May 14th, 2017!


Just as a refresher for Store Orders and Bukkit plugins: moderation times are Mon-Sun, 8am - 11:59pm Pacific. Anytime there is going to be exceptionally long moderation/audit times, we do our best to notify everyone via our Twitter @CurseForge.


With introductions and refreshers out of the way, let’s get onto this week’s changelog!

Fixed and Released

  • icon no longer sends you to (Mods)
  • “Primary GameLanguage” now set for existing games (All)
  • Added ability to update file information via API - docs (Look for the Update File section) (All)
  • Hardened Project File Uploader (All)
  • More removal of “Premium” verbiage, you’re all Premium now! (All)
  • Now correctly blocking child files from having child files (All)
  • Found the missing Favicon on WoW.CF (WoW)
  • Localization Processor Fixes (WoW)
    • Most of these apply to Localization Substitutions in files.
    • Subtables now work in file replacements
    • Concat now works in file replacements
    • Rewrote localization system to handle multiple namespaces. This means that when you do not specify a namespace it will output them all (Like previously behavior)
    • Export Page updated to allow users to export subtables
    • Escape non-ASCII characters now respected in file replacements
    • Set value to true if equals to key now respected in file replacements
    • Codebase unified with exporter codebase to prevent the two from continuing to diverge when we fix localization issues/add features.

From last Comms, now released

  • Server Pack Integration/Support on CurseForge (Minecraft)

As a final note, our developers will be out of town starting next Monday and won’t be back in until the following week. We still have availability for emergency bug fixes, but will be short on feature updates until they return.


That’s the roundup for this week, as always if you have any ideas or suggestions, drop them down below.



Your friendly neighborhood MrFlamegoat



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