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KaruulAlert will now perform some basic validation of alerts upon startup. Any alerts that do not pass this validation will be deleted. This should prevent unexpected error messages from popping up for some people.


Outlined text now makes use of Rift 2.3+ features in order to display. This should slightly increase performance.

Fixed some data corruption that occurred when sharing or exporting a newly created alert.

KaruulAlert will ignore alerts that have been shared using an older version if it has been corrupted. Importing alerts that were incorrectly exported will refuse to import with an error message. Alert sets containing corrupted alerts will still import, but the broken alerts will be ignored.

Fixed the Export Alert function which was broken in v1.39.0. Shortest lived version ever ;)

Some ongoing rewrites have been made to be more compatible with future versions of Rift.


Fixed a conflict that occurred when KaruulAlert was used together with SlideDown Continued. While it's probably not so common to use these two together, there are potentially other addons that experienced similar issues together with KaruulAlert. This is not a high priority update, unless you are experiencing issues in combination with other addons.


The active sub set no longer automatically reverts to 0 (none) after opening the main configuration dialog. Use /kalert subset=0 to deactivate any subsets.

Fixed some issues with moving, copying and receiving shared alerts that were introduced in 1.38.0.

Fixed an issue for characters that have only one role.

Updated French translations. Thanks to Kheldou.

Slightly reduced the size of checkbox texts to accommodate French translations.


Fixed an issue with importing sets introduced in version 1.38.0. When trying to import set data in the old format, an error would occur.

Fixed a display error that occurred after importing sets or alerts. After the import, the currently active set would be displayed, rather than the content of the set that was being edited.

A note to players in regions outside NA/EU: 1.38.x will be the last version that will function on Rift versions prior to 2.3.


Number of sets available in KaruulAlert now depends on the number of roles you have purchased for the character. This means you can have an alert set for each of your 20 roles.

To make this possible, the storage format for sets has changed somewhat. Downgrading to an earlier version will not be possible, unless you make a backup of your addon data before upgrading.

Replaced SafesRaidManager dependency with SafesUnitLib, which is also used by newer KBM versions.


Fixed a problem with new buff alerts producing an error if you did not fill in the number of stacks. They now default to 1 again.

Removed some obsolete code.


Added support for showing an alert when any interruptible spell is being cast.

Added support for creating alerts related to the number of Planar Charges; they have been added as a new resource type.

Fixed an issue introduced in 1.36.1 where the number of stacks for buff type alerts were not being loaded properly into the text field when editing an existing alert.


Removed debugging output when filtered keys were hit on "number only" text fields. Sorry about that.

Somewhat improved importing of legacy format alerts and sets from forums.

Attempting to import a set as alert or vice versa will now produce an error message telling you to use the right import function.

The "stacks" text field for buffs now only accepts numbers.

Updated LibSRM to version 1.2.6.


KaruulAlert now requires Rift 2.2 to function. Completely moving over to the new API will be done over the next few versions, to be ready for Rift 2.4.

Revised the Import/Export functionality of KaruulAlert. This means that alerts and sets exported with this version cannot be read by older versions. For the time being, you will be able to import older alerts into this new version, but support will be dropped in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately this change is necessary because 90%+ of all errors will the addon come from alerts that have been garbled in some way by posting them on a forum. The new format should withstand the formatting changes done by forums. It is however, completely unintelligible, apart from the name of the alert. Single alerts will take slightly more space to post, while complete sets should take significantly less space.

Some text fields only allow numeric input now. Hopefully this will not cause too much confusion with people mashing their keyboards while nothing happens :)

Fixed a display glitch with cooldown timer on the Marksman Bull's Eye ability. Before, it was showing a very large number for cooldown timer until you used a damaging ability.


Added a workaround for the text issues introduced with Rift 2.1 hotfix #4. This will have a slight negative impact on performance, but should make KaruulAlert usable again.

The workarounds automatically disable themselves when the next patch is released, or when a general purpose workaround "TextFix" addon is installed.

Performance optimization in handling of alert counters, to minimize performance issues you may experience as a result of the workaround.

Fixed an issue with drag & dropping abilities on the ability text box.


Fixed an issue that occurred when running Rift 2.1, due to API removal of the Rogue "combo unit" mechanic, which has been obsolete since version 1.11.

No new features for now. I've been working on some potential improvements, but they aren't quite ready for release.


Fixed an issue with the auto-completion for buff and ability names. If there was only one partial match, the drop down was not being shown.


Added a temporary workaround for a compatibility issue with addons that use LibUnitChange 2.1.

Auto-completion for buff and ability names is now case insensitive.


Fixed an issue for first time users in 1.33.0. On first load, they would receive an error message because of incomplete settings initialization. This error did not affect any subsequent logins, so existing users should feel free to skip this update.


Added the option to show the name of the caster of a buff in the associated alert, as well as the current number of stacks for a buff. Two variables have been introduced for this purpose, which you can use in the alert text. These variables are {caster} and {stacks}. A small button next to the alert text field allows you to add variables to the alert text without remembering their exact names.

Some ideas on how this feature could be used: who debuffed me in PVP? Who has Righteous Mandate active on me? Who cast that Healer's Covenant that's on the tank right now?

Alert texts now support shadowed and/or outlined text, just like the counters already did. You can configure this from the general configuration dialog.

The general configuration dialog is now directly accessible by typing /kalert config.

Increased the maximum number of alerts per set or sub set from 20 to 40. However, do keep in mind that the more alerts you use, the more resources KaruulAlert will take.

Fixed an issue that would result in a secondary error message when a performance warning appeared. You shouldn't be getting these in the first place, however.

The "Share Alert" dialog now properly allows scrolling through player names if more than 20 players are found.


Fixed a rare error that occurred when unit information was removed from the cache before the initialization task had finished executing.


Fixed an error that occurred in the ability scanner in combination with player pets. Rift notifies addons that new abilities were added when summoning a pet, but refuses to give any information about those abilities. These abilities are once again skipped by the scanner.

Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to move message boxes in the tutorial.


Fixed an issue with alerts for buffs of which individual stacks can fall off, such as the rogue's Expose Weakness.

The ability scanner has received a major overhaul. First of all, the amount of CPU resources it uses has been reduced drastically. You can now play with the ability scanner enabled without noticing a slowdown on most systems. Secondly, it now scans the entire raid force and their targets for new buffs. This should make it much quicker to pick up specific buffs in a boss fight.

A very basic tutorial has been added to get first time users started. New users will be guided through the process of learning your character's abilities and buffs. It will also explain how to open the main configuration dialog in the future and how to access the built-in help system. The tutorial can be started manually using the "/kalert tutorial" command.

When KaruulAlert detects that the user is getting performance warnings (or being dangerously close to getting them), it will now suggest a tweak in the configuration settings that makes them less likely to occur (this setting was already available in the configuration dialog).

Note: There is a cosmetic problem with the "message box" screen used by the tutorial, causing the buttons to be the wrong size sometimes. Unfortunately this is a Rift client issue and I've been unable to find a workaround so far.


Fixed a bug that would load set 6 as a sub set when no sub sets were being used.

Error messages that occur while background processing will once again trigger the Rift error dialog.

Recurring errors will no longer spam the screen. Instead, you will get a message recommending a /reloadui to possibly solve the issue temporarily. Of course, any errors you encounter should still be reported.


Fixed an error that would prevent alert sets to be loaded. This may have led to loss of data if you have tried saving the set using 1.31.0. My sincerest apologies :S


Fixed a bug that made alerts that monitor Focus or Pet targets work incorrectly if they were saved with version 1.30.x. Focus alerts will be automatically fixed after installing this version. However, you will have to manually check your Pet alerts as they may have changed to Focus alerts.

When trying to save an alert, KaruulAlert will now display a semi-helpful message when you entered something incorrectly. It will also put the focus on the field with the incorrect value, so you can fix it quickly.

Editing an alert's name and saving will now rename the alert instead of creating a copy. To create a copy, right-click the alert in the list and choose Copy to Set.

When saving, moving or copying an alert, it's no longer possible to accidentally overwrite an existing alert with the same name. You will be prompted to choose a different name.

Moving or copying an alert to a sub set no longer results in an error.

Targeting a unit with a large amount of buffs was sometimes causing performance warnings on slow systems. This should be fixed now.

When someone shares an alert with you, it is now actually possible to change the alert name and/or target set. Before it would keep reverting back to the original name as you typed.

Completely clearing the R/G/B text fields while editing an alert will no longer raise an error.


Implemented a workaround for an issue that would cause an error message if an alert contained invalid image information somehow. Nobody reported this error, but it was showing up in the daily error reports. I believe it has to do with importing alerts that have been mangled in some way prior to importing. When you try to edit such an alert, you will now get a warning message before the image is reset to the default for that alert. If you feel this is incorrect, please leave a comment on how you were able to reproduce the error.


Changes have been made which should dramatically increase performance when using large numbers of ability, buff or resource alerts. Because of the performance gain alerts will now be now updated 10 times per second, instead of the old 5 times per second. This should make them feel a lot more responsive.

If you're using the "Cast on target's target" option, KaruulAlert will now take that into account. For example, if you have an buff alert set to Foe and you have a Friend target selected, it will check on the target of your target if the buff is present. This should be very useful for people playing hybrid specs.

Switched from TGA to DDS image format for built-in images. This is reduces the size of the addon somewhat (some images are compressed, some aren't). It is recommended that you delete your current addon version when upgrading (but do remember to save any files you may have put in the custom folder!). If you are unhappy with the quality of an image, please let me know and I'll consider switching to an uncompressed version of the image.

Ability cooldown type alerts should now continue to show their timer, even if you currently have insufficient power/energy/mana to use the ability.

When creating or editing an alert, you can now also drag abilities from your Abilities screen or your action bar onto the text field where you normally enter the name. This is primarily intended as a workaround for users of the Russian client, because text fields for addons currently do not allow them to write in Cyrillic. Another workaround is to paste the desired text in there from somewhere else.

Hopefully fixed a performance warning during loading of alert sets that some people were still having.

Fixed a rare error message that occurred when pressing the "Edit Layout" option.

Lots of internal refactoring. Reduced the number of variables and functions visible from the global namespace. This should reduce the chance for compatibility problems with other addons. The addon now also makes use of LibString 1.0.1 (by Imhothar) and LibUnitChange (by ZorbaTHut). LibUnitChange was already used as part of SafesRaidManager, but KaruulAlert uses it directly now as well.

As you may have noticed, version numbers now have an extra digit. This is to maintain proper versioning while also being able to release beta versions. The added digit will be increased whenever a new version contains only bug fixes. Whenever new features are added, the first or second number will be incremented and the third number will again be 0.


Fixed a bug with mouse wheel scrolling on any list panes in dialogs.

Fixed a bug introduced in v1.28 which broke the "self cast only" and "buff length" options.

Some performance optimization to alerts with warnings or timers, especially in combination with outlined and/or shadowed text.

Support for mouse wheel scrolling was added to the help screen.

Updated some help texts and added more hyperlinks.

The help screen will now use fewer resources.


Fixed a bug that was introduced in version 1.26 that would cause ability alerts to stop working properly. Upon loading an attempt is made to fix any malfunctioning ability alerts. It may take some role switching and/or enabling the ability scanner to fix all your alerts. Thanks everyone for your patience and help in tracking down the issue.

The previous version introduced a dependency to LibSRM (Safe's Raid Manager), but no credit was added to the About dialog. Sorry Safe, fixed.

Updated to LibSRM 1.1.6.

Updated some built-in help texts a little and added hyperlinks between topics.

Fixed a minor issue with the scroll bar in the help screen when switching topics.

Fixed a problem with the /karuulalert help command possibly producing an error.

Fixed an issue where some initialization code was being executed twice on rare occasions.

Many recently introduced on screen texts are now part of the localizable resources. Actual translations can still be sent to karuulalert@rift-voice.org (make sure we know which text you translated).


Added the ability to share alerts with other players! You can now send individual alerts to other people in your party, raid, guild, or anybody else that is near you. When someone sends you an alert, you will be prompted to add it to one of your alert sets. This dialog only appears when you are not in combat.

Once again improved the way KaruulAlert runs on slower machines with larger number of alerts. Some warnings during initial loading of the addon have been addressed.

Added a context menu to the main dialog. When you right click an alert in the list, you will have a number of options.

It is now possible to move or copy alerts to other alert sets (using the context menu).

Added a configuration dialog with some general settings. This new dialog can be opened from the familiar dialog where you configure your individual alerts. It allows the following new features to be configured there:

Added an option that allows you to add a shadow or outline effect to alert counters, to improve readability. Note that using this option will take up slightly more resources, so it's recommended only if you currently have no performance issues.

If you are still experiencing performance warnings, you can now adjust the performance settings of KaruulAlert. Set them to "Safer" or "Safest" if you are experiencing issues. If you do not have any issues, it's recommended to leave this option on "Fastest". Hopefully this will be a temporary measure until optimizations are complete.

Note to non-English users: new features have not yet been localized. Indeed some of them are not even localizable yet. Feel free to send in translations to karuulalert@rift-voice.org (make sure we know which text you translated).


Improved compatibility with Rift 1.9 on slower machines. If you were still receiving warnings that the addon was running too slow, this should help.

Improved handling of ability ID conversion. This should prevent error messages some people were getting when there were incorrectly formatted ability IDs in their alert sets.

Some performance optimization for buff processing.

Replaced the scroll bar in the help screen by native Rift scroll bar.

KaruulAlert now runs in Strict mode. This should ensure compatibility with Rift 1.10


KaruulAlert has been updated to be compatible with Rift 1.9. This should take care of any slowness warning messages you may have received.

Some internal rewriting to account for ability ID changes. Upgrading to this version will update your alert sets to be compatible with future Rift versions.


nkThings Crash - There was apparently a bug with the core table.remove function. I reworked the fix in 1.21 to avoid using that function.


Fixed a bug with saving sets that was introduced in v1.22. If you are currently using v1.22, please upgrade to avoid problems.

Fixed a bug with importing "resource" type alerts. After import any attempt to edit such an alert would result in an error message. Alerts that were broken due to importing with older versions of KaruulAlert are automatically fixed upon loading.


Added support for automatic switching between sets based on the active role. Use /karuulalert set=auto to activate. To be able to use this new feature effectively, you may need to move your alerts to a different set number. Just use the Export Set and Import Set options.

1.21 - User Update:

Abilities not loading - On first login it's possible for the abilities to try to load before the play has. When this happens this was causing the ability list to fail to load initially. Code was added to not load the initial ability list until the player has been loaded.

1.20 - User Update:

Russian help file translation - Zveryga, Grey Guard guild

1.19 - User Update:

Russian translation - Zveryga, Grey Guard guild


itemID nul fixed - Fixed an issue with exporting alerts that have a nul itemID.


Added support for 6th sole - Please note that adding the 6th sole pushed the sub sets 1 spot. So if you had data in sub set 1 it will appear in set 6. To correct this issue you can just export the set and import it into the subset you desire. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Set Full Can't Edit - Fixed a bug where if your alert set was full you couldn't edit any alerts.

Missing ability IDs - Fixed a bug where abilities with no IDs were being tracked. This was causing parsing errors and error spam. All abilities should have IDs. Any that don't will no longer be able to be tracked. Please note that this isn't me limiting or changing abilities you used to be able to track. Truth is you were able to add them before but they would never trigger because their ID was never found. This change is just preventing the error from happening by not letting you setup bad alerts in the first place.


Dead Check - Dead units don't need buffs. If a unit is dead Buff/Debuff alerts will not trigger.

Combo Points Target - Rogue Combo Points alerts will now only trigger if your current target is your Combo Point target.

Friend or Foe - Added the option to only trigger if the selected unit is friendly or hostile.

Close Buttons - Converted all close buttons to Rift close buttons.

1.6 Breaking code Updates - Made updates for upcoming breaking changes.

1.6 Ability Update - Ability detail was updated in 1.6 to include more data. Unfortunately the side effect of this was that it now takes more time/resources to return ability details. I believe this was the jump in CPU usage seen in 1.6. I have changed the way I handle abilities now and only load data for abilities that are tracked. This should ease the resources needed for the most part but as this is now dynamic the more abilities you setup alerts for the more data will have to be loaded and thus the more resources that will have to be used.


Alert Layer - Put in a temporary fix for the layer not updating problem. There is an actual bug in the API that needs to be fixed but I put a work around in for the time being. Setting the layer should automatically update the image now as it should.

Passive Scanner - Fixed an issue with that was causing abilities with no id to be constantly re-added. Also changed the ability find text to not show by default. If you wish to see the text for the abilities as they are added via the passive scanner use the "/karuulalert debug" command.


Export/Import - Alerts/Sets can now be shared.

Auto Ability Add - Added a lesser version of the ability scanner that runs during normal event processing. Should allow for auto adding of buffs and abilities without affecting performance.

More Alerts! - Implemented Sub Sets. You can now have up to 5 standard sets and up to 10 sub sets. You can have 1 set and 1 sub set active at any given time for a total of 40 alerts active at any given time.

Buff List - Please note that buff lists have changed how they use the default icon. Buff list will now always use the first buff in the list as the default icon. Previously it would use the last buff entered. I'm sorry for any inconveniences this causes but it was necessary to ensure the alert import process will work properly.

Alert Layer - Added support for setting alert layer. There is however a known issue where just exiting the configuration screen will not update the alert layer on active alerts. To work around this you can either do a /relaodui after exiting the configuration screen or simply go back in and out of the configuration screen.

Menu System - Added support for displaying menus

Help Support - Added help file functionality. In game help can now be accessed via the Help->Contents menu.


Self Cast - Updated, should be working now

Warning Showing Out of Combat - Fixed issue where combat only abilities were showing their warning when out of combat.


Special Characters - Fixed an issue causing Buffs that contained special characters to fail.

Buff Length - Fixed an issue with the Buff length checking that was causing like named buffs to get confused.


Buff Fix - Fixed a bug introduced by the stack tracking when tracking buffs with no duration.


Buff Length - Added an option to set the length of the buff you are looking for. If used the alert will only trigger if the duration of the buff is equal to the buff length specified. This can be used to in cases where 2 buffs have the same name and are only different in duration.

Buff Lists - You can now specify a comma delimited list of buffs. If any of those buffs are active the Alert will be true and if all of the buffs are missing the Alert will be false.

Exact Value/Range - Added a range option to Resources. If selected you can put a range of values or an exact value in the value field. Range will be entered as number-number for example 50-75. Exact value will be entered as a single number for example 4. Percents are still valid so a range of 50-75% will be accepted.

Default Image Checkbox - Added a checkbox to use the default image.

Pets Tracking - Added the ability to set alerts based on pets.

Casting - You can now track units casting. If Ability is filled in it will trigger if only that ability is being cast. If Ability is blank it will trigger when any ability is being cast.


Languages - French Text Update, German Text added, thanks to Valixx

Custom Text - Fixed a small bug with the default Rift font not getting reset if a custom font was once used.

kalert - Added /kalert for when typing /karuulalert is just too much typing.

Alert List missing 20 - Fixed an indexing issue that was causing the 20th item not to show up in the list.

Color Sliders - Sliders fixed

Triggered Abilities - Abilities that only become available conditionally can now be tracked. (Rising Waterfall, Quick Strike, etc.)

Buff Stacks - You can trigger off a set number of stacks of a given buff.

Sorted Alerts - Alert list is now sorted!

Buff/Ability Select - When typing in buff/ability names a list will pop up with suggestions for what you are typing that you can double click to choose.

Buff Self Only - Added check box to only track buffs cast by the player.


Alert Sets - Added them. 5 to pick from now.

Custom Images - You can now load your own images to display.

Opacity - Set the transparency level of your images and text

Custom Text - Added text that will be displayed along with the image. For text only alerts set the Image Opacity to 0 and just the text will display.

Text Color - Set the color of the text elements of the alert. (text and timer)

Custom Fonts - Added support for custom fonts.

Warning Length - Set how long before the Buff/Ability is ready the alert will show up.


Timer Bug - After the first CPU fixes Timers were being shown incorrectly. Fixed that.

CPU Performance Round 2 - As a result of the timer issue I was able to slim down the CPU usage some more.


CPU Performance Enhancements - Completely rebuilt the alert tracking engine. Trimmed a lot of fat.


Cannot Track Buff/Ability With New Rank - Updated tracking system. Now uses name instead of id. Tracking should not be affected by different ranks of a given buff/ability.

Opportunity - The above fix will take care of Opportunity as well. Should be able to scan for it and then use it for alerts.

Addon Upgrade Processing - Added version checking and the ability to update saved lists based on the current addon version.

French Support - A special thanks goes out to Ceres for providing the French translations.

Known Issues: Buffs/Abilitys With Multiple Versions - With the change over to using the buff/ability name for tracking it is possible in some rare cases to have alerts activate if another ability with the same name is active.


Localization Support - Added support for localization files. Currently EN, FR and DE files exists but all contain English. As I get the translations they will be updated.

Double First Image Removed - Updated the image selector to fix issue with displaying 2 first images if no default icon was present.

Alert Interval Increased - Throttled back on how often alert updates happen, should make the addon less of a CPU hog.


Ability/Buff list Updated - Now Global across all characters (Rescan of abilities required before saving alerts.)

Alert Clickthrough - Enabled movers for "edit layout" resulting in on screen Alert to be clicked through when not in configuration.

No Time Buffs - Fixed an issue with Buffs having no duration not being properly tracked.


Mage Charge fixed - 99 less errors / 3 sec.

Buff/Ability default icon update - Originally once you left the text box the icon would show. Now as soon as it recognizes the name the icon will show. Please note that the "default icon" will be in the first slot of the image viewer. So if you have already selected a different image go all the way back to the start and you should see the default.

Combat Aware - Checkbox added to only show alert in combat.


First Release - It's all new

Note to non-English users: new features have not yet been localized. Feel free to send in translations to karuulalert@rift-voice.org (make sure we know which text you translated).