0.6.6 Beta


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    Nov 27, 2011
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Supported Game Versions

  • 1.6



  • Beta Note: Castbars are currently untested.
  • Removed: Dynamic Frame recycling which could trigger inconsistencies and Client Crashes (due to a recent Trion patch)
  • New: Dynamic GUI Object recycling robust engine which bypasses the issues introduced by Trion.
  • New: Mechanic Timers are now the new GUI Object packages rendering.
  • New: Castbars are now the new GUI Object packages for rendering.
  • New: Options Window now uses new GUI Object packages for rendering.
  • New: Tank-Swap Monitor now uses new GUI Object packages for rendering.
  • Note: Memory usage has not been effected by these changes, still around the 2mb mark.
  • Note: CPU Load has been reduced with the new system by around 50% (optimized queuing system).
  • Note: Some minor use of the old system may be in place, warnings will be given instead of crashes.


  • New: You can now select to save all settings for KBM for the current character.
  • Hammerknell
    • New: Converted all boss settings to account and per-character methods.
    • Fixed: Due to the new saving methods, many bosses who's settings were not working, will work now.
    • Fixed: All boss options should work as intended.
  • Rise of the Phoenix
    • New: Converted all boss settings to account and per-character methods.
    • Beruhast: Fixed: Settings bug for Timers.
    • Beruhast: Added: Summoned Flame timer.


  • Notice: Boss Alert and Timer global switches (Enabled/Disabled) are currently unlinked. Use individual checks.
  • Notice: The above will be coming very shortly, along with new Per-Character Profile saving.
  • New: Recycled Frames now use a queuing system to avoid the crashes introduced by Trion.
  • Fixed: Attempted to correct the errors introduced by Trion over night with client crashes.
  • Fixed: Enabled combat damage based triggers, previously disabled triggers are back.
  • Fixed: Various inconsistencies which could arise with Important Screen Alerts.
  • Hammerknell
    • Matron Zamira: Reverted Mark of Oblivion back to a damage trigger for personal screen alerts.
    • Matron Zamira: Seperated Mark of Oblivion timer to a cast trigger.
    • Sicaron: Fixed: option for disabling Timers not saving/changing or initiating.
    • Estrode: Added: Screen Alert for Dancing Steel. (flashing red)
    • Estrode: Added: Screen Alert for Rage of the North. (flashing orange)
    • Estrode: Added: Screen Alert for Chastise. (flashing yellow)


  • Known Issue: Combat damage based Triggers are currently disabled, they'll return in 0.6.4.
    • Disabled: Murdantix: Ferocious Pound
    • Disabled: Murdantix: Mangling Crush
    • Disabled: Matron Zamira: Dark Concussion
  • New: Alerts can now be flagged as "Important" meaning they will be persistent during other alerts.
  • Hammerknell
    • King Molinar: Fixed: Terminate Life Alert saying Consuming, and wrong color.
    • Sicaron: Fixed: Unholy Contract alerts not triggering.
    • Matron Zamira: Fixed: Matron's settings were not initiating on start up/reloadui.
    • Matron Zamira: Added: Important flag to Mark of Oblivion.
    • Matron Zamira: Attempt to fix Matron's Mark of Oblivion not triggering. (reverted to buff)
    • Soulrender Zilas: Added: Warning Screen Alert for Soulrender's Grasp. (flashing orange)
    • Soulrender Zilas: Added: Active duration Screen Alert for Soulrender's Grasp. (solid red)
    • Soulrender Zilas: Added: Timer for next Soulrender's Grasp.
    • Soulrender Zilas: Added: Alert and Timer filtering options.
    • Inwar Darktide: Fixed an error during the Inwar encounter.
    • Akylios: Added: Mind Decay personal screen alert. (flashing purple)
    • Akylios: Added: Breath of Madness warning screen alert (flashing red)
    • Akylios: Added: Breath of Madness duration screen alert (solid red)
    • Akylios: Added: Important flag to Mind Decay.
    • Akylios: Added: Important flag to Suffocating Orbs.
  • Rise of the Phoenix
    • Ereandorn: Fixed: settings were not initiating on game start up/reloadui.
  • German Translations
    • Fixed: Typo with Kampfdauer Anzeige.
    • Fixed: Molten Growth skill name.
    • Added: Phase related translations.


  • New: Settings: Option to Enable/Disable the Addon from triggering entirely.
  • New: 2s time-out on death calculations to attempt to prevent encounter restarts.
  • New: 2s down-time after wipe calling to allow for damage events to fall off.
  • Change: Further adjustments to encounter start accuracy.
  • Hammerknell
    • Akylios: Added enrage timer. 20 minutes
  • German Translations
    • Options: Encounter Timers.
    • Options: Adjusted wording fo Mechanic Timers.
    • Beruhast: Flaming Vortex.
    • Beruhast: Inferno Lash.
    • Beruhast: Leaping Flame.
    • Ereandorn: Excitable Combustion.
    • Ereandorn: Molten Growth.
    • Ereandorn: Volcanic Eruption.


  • New: Encounter phase engine.
  • New: Encounter phase monitor.
  • New: Encounter phase objectives list.
  • Fixed: Buff triggers were not responding.
  • Added: /kbmversion slash command (Displays current version)
  • French Translations
    • Rise of the Phoenix: Beruhast: Leaping Flame
    • Rise of the Phoenix: Beruhast: Inferno Lash
    • Rise of the Phoenix: Beruhast: Flaming Vortex
  • Hammerknell
    • Added: Akylios: Phase 2 recognition.
    • Added: Akylios: Phase 2: Wave Timer will now stop.
    • Added: Akylios: Phase 2: First Suffocating Orb timer.
    • Added: Akylios: Phase 2+: Suffocating Orb timers.
    • Added: Akylios: Phase 2+: Suffocating Orb personal screen alert.
    • Added: Inwar Darktide: Denizar and Aqualix are now tracked.
    • Added: Inwar Darktide: Encounter should trigger from Phase 1.
    • Fixed: Vladmal Prime: Ancient Flames personal screen alert.
  • Guilded Prophecy
    • Added: Anrak the Foul: 7 minute enrage timer.
  • Encounter Timer
    • Fixed: Accuracy is back once again with Time v Enrage.


  • Tank-Swap Monitor.
    • Now visible to any raid member.
  • Rise of the Phoenix:
    • Added: Beruhast: Screen alert for Inferno Lash.
    • Added: Beruhast: Timer for Leaping Flame.
    • Added: Beruhast: Timer for first Leaping Flame.
    • Change: Renamed Ereandorn's alerts.
  • Options Window:
    • New: Collapsible menu headers.
    • Change: Swapped Beruhast and Silgen, to show progression flow.


  • New: Ereandorn: Added alert for Ticking Time Bomb.
  • New: Ereandorn: Added personal alert for stop casting.
  • New: Ereandorn: Added alert for Pillar.
  • Note: Please bare with me while I transition this addon to Rift 1.6.
  • Note: Several encounters may experience issues at present, this will be fixed.
  • Added: German Translation for Encounter start, end messages.
  • Fixed: Some Settings were not initiating correctly on start-up/reloadui.
  • Fixed: Error spam from Tank-Swap due to Stack sizes. (Rift 1.6 Fix)
  • Removed: Rift 1.6 removed commands.
  • Change: The options window now has a Rift style close button. (new Rift 1.6)
  • Change: Removed the majority of global namespace allocation. (new Rift 1.6)
  • Change: Major change with Encounter monitoring using Combat states. (new Rift 1.6)
  • Change: Safe's Raid Manager v1.1.0 Beta


  • Notice: First release for 1.6, expect more to come.
  • Notice: Any needed hotfixes will be incoming, plus RotP mechanics.
  • Change: Support for 1.6 Rift Client.
  • Added: French translations for:
    • Encounter start, end etc messages.
    • Matron Zamira
    • Matron Zamira's Mark of Oblivion
    • Soulrender Zilas
    • Inwar Darktide
    • Sicaron's Unholy Contract (Debuff only)
    • Grugonim's Rampant Decay
    • Grugonim's Corrosive Bile
    • River of Souls
    • Dark Foci
    • Warmaster Galenir
    • Plutonus the Immortal
    • Herald Gaurath
    • Alsbeth the Discordant
    • Greenscale's Blight
    • Duke Letarues
    • Infiltrator Johlen
    • Lord Greenscale
    • Rise of the Phoenix
    • General Silgen
    • High Priest Arakhurn
    • Guilded Prophecy
    • Anrak the Foul
    • Drowned Halls
    • Assault Commander Jorb
    • Joloral Ragetide


  • Fixed: Drop shadows on Alert countdown text.
  • Fixed: Thalquur is now correctly Thalguur.
  • Fixed: Drowned Halls registering as Guilded Prophecy (sneaky!)
  • Fixed: Encounter Timer options.
  • Fixed: Encounter enrage timer display.
  • Fixed: Error reports with some Idle-time combinations.
  • Added: German Translations for:
    • Sicaron: Unholy Contract trigger.
    • Greenscale's Blight
    • Oracle Aleria
    • Greenscale
    • Prince Hylas
    • Duke Letarues
    • River of Souls
    • Warmaster Galenir
    • Dark Foci
    • Plutonus the Immortal
    • Herald Gaurath
    • Alsbeth the Discordant
    • Drowned Halls
    • Assault Commander Jorb
    • Joloral Ragetide
    • High Priestess Hydriss
    • Guilded Prophecy
    • Anrak the Foul
    • Rise of the Phoenix
    • High Priest Arakhurn


  • HotFix: Akylios Wave 1 timers and alerts.


  • Change: Reduced Inquisitor Garau's time-out by 2 seconds
  • Change: Last attempt at fixing encounter wipe detection before 1.6.
  • New: Added final template encounters before 1.6.
  • Added: Rise of the Phoenix (template)
  • Added: Ereandorn (template)
  • Added: General Silgen (template)
  • Added: Beruhast (template)
  • Added: High Priest Arakhurn (template)
  • Added: Drowned Halls (template)
  • Added: Assault Commander Jorb (template)
  • Added: Joloral Ragetide (template)
  • Added: Isskal (template)
  • Added: Uruluuk (template)
  • Added: Guilded Prophecy (template)
  • Added: Anrak the Foul (template)
  • Added: Guurloth (template)
  • Added: Thalquur (template)
  • Added: High Priestess Hydriss (template)


  • New: Menu Groups for 20 and 10 Man Raids, Master Modes and Expert T1 and T2.
  • New: Akylios 5 second warning Wave (P1) screen alert (flashing, blue).
  • Change: Attempted to fix the continuing encounter issues, this will be re-addressed in 1.6.


  • Fixed: Alerts: Options were not working as intended.
  • Fixed: Sicaron: Changed Trigger method for Unholy Contract.
  • Fixed: Sicaron: Typo corrected in Trigger method.
  • Added: Certain screen alerts now have prefixed countdown timer.
  • Added: Sicaron: Red flashing personal alert for 5 seconds after Blue alert.
  • Added: Grugonim: German Translation for Rampant Decay.
  • Added: Grugonim: German Translation for Corrosive Bile.


  • Change: Simplified naming to King Boss Mods (KBM).
  • Change: Increased Vladmal Prime's Ancient Flames timer by 1 second.
  • Change: Estrode: Enrage Timer reduced to 12 minutes.
  • Added: Vladmal Prime: Personal Screen alert for Ancient Flames (orange).
  • Added: Vladmal Prime: Alert Filter.
  • Added: Grugonim: Screen alert for Rampant Decay (purple)
  • Added: Grugonim: Screen alert for Corrosive Bile (dark green)
  • Added: Grugonim: Alert filters.


  • Change: Attempt to fix Sicaron's Unholy Contract, 12 second solid blue personal alert.
  • Change: Unholy Contract timer should now trigger from the emote, instead of from the buff.
  • Change: Changed T-SM for Matron Zamira, was incorrect for German clients.
  • Change: Dark Concussion changed to a Damage trigger.
  • Change: Dark Concussion timer reduced to 13 seconds.


  • Fixed: Tank-Swap error spam when there's no stack info.
  • Fixed: Personal screen alert for Matron, wasn't registering UnitID for the player.
  • Fixed: Garua error report at the start of the fight. Gone.
  • Fixed: Incorrect wording for Bloodtide trigger.
  • Added: Timer for Shadow Strike.
  • Change: Revised trigger system to hopefully iron some issues with event spams.
  • Change: Inquisitor Garau's Arcane Essence, increased timer by 2.
  • Notice: Personal Bubble for Sicaron will need a review, due to inconsistency in API debuff reporting.


  • Fixed: Major issue with timers that could start "silently" leaving redundant timers.
  • Fixed: Turning the King Monitor off, actually does so now.
  • Fixed: King's Monitor now remembers last settings.
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where filtered castbars would throw out timers completely.
  • Fixed: Disabled castbars would also disable the timers and screen alerts.
  • Change: Options window scrollers are now more responsive.


  • Fixed: TankSwap options should now work as intended.
  • Fixed: Matron Zamira's Hideous Blast alert.
  • Change: Minor adjustments to personal screen alerts engine.
  • Change: Anchors should now appear above the options window when visible.
  • Added: Sicaron: German Translation for Unholy Contract.
  • Added: Akylios: German Translations for Tidal Waves.
  • Added: Matron Zamira: German Translation for Mark of Oblivion.
  • Added: Matron Zamira's Mark of Oblivion Timer.
  • Added: Matron Zamira's Mark Of Oblivion personal screen alert (purple) experimental


  • New: Buff monitoring and triggers.
  • New: Screen alerts now seperated by color sets.
  • Fixed: Murdantix: Alert Timer option for Soul Trauma.
  • Fixed: Say Type Triggers.
  • Fixed: Alerts not closing if the encounter ends.
  • Fixed: Tank-Swap Monitor was never actually triggering. Should be active now.
  • Fixed: Issues when filtering Casts (currently only King fight).
  • Added: Matron Zamira: French support for Hideous Blast.
  • Added: Matron Zamira: Hideous Blast Screen alert now yellow.
  • Added: Sicaron. Mechanic Timer for Unholy Contract.
  • Added: Sicaron. Personal screen alert for Unholy Contract. experimental
  • Added: King Molinar. Screen Alert for Consuming Essence. (yellow)
  • Added: Prince Dollin. Screen Alert for Terminate Life. (orange)
  • Added: Prince Dollin. Screen Alert for Consuming Essence. (yellow)
  • Added: Alert filters for Prince Dollin and King Molinar.


  • Fixed: Rare case of idle bosses reporting errors after an encounter.
  • Fixed: Murdantix Mangling Crush (German Client)
  • Changed: King Molinar. Extended the screen alert for Cursed Blows by 1 second.
  • Added: Matron Zamira. German support for Tank-Swaps Matron's Curse.
  • Added: Matron Zamira. German support for Dark Concussion.
  • Added: Matron Zamira. German support for Hideous Blast.
  • Added: Matron Zamira. French support for Dark Concussion.
  • Added: German translation for new Screen Alert options.
  • Added: French translation for new Screen Alert options.


  • Fixed: Errors with Screen Alerts.
  • Fixed: Errors with Damage type triggers.
  • Added: King Molinar's Cursed Blows Screen Alerts.


  • Fixed: Error Messages in Prince Hylas encounter.
  • New: First release of KM:Boss Mods alerts, Flashing borders and/or text display.
  • Change: Major overhaul of the Trigger engine allowing for greater flexibility.
  • Added: German Translation for Murdantix Tank-Swap.
  • Added: Murdantix Screen Alert for Soul Trauma.
  • Added: Matron Zamira timer for Dark Concussion.
  • Added: Matron Zamira Screen Alert for Dark Concussion.
  • Added: Matron Zamira Screen Alert for Hideous Blast.


  • Fixed: Akylios Phase 1 Wave timer. (No more Error spam).
  • Fixed: Enrage Timer no long shows "!! Enraged !!" when it has no enrage set.
  • Added: German Translations for:
    • More menu options.
    • Vladmal Prime's Ancient Flames.
    • Inquisitor Garau's Acrane Porters.
    • Inquisitor Garau's Arcane Essence.
    • Inquisitor Garau's Blood Tide.
    • Inquisitor Garau's Infused Crawlers.
    • Estrode's Soul Capture.
    • Estrode's Mind Control.


  • Fixed: Vladmal Prime's Ancient Flames timer.
  • Fixed: King Molinar's Consuming Essence now triggers correctly.
  • Added: French Translation for Incorporeal Revenant trigger.
  • Added: Estrode timer: Soul Capture.
  • Added: Estrode timer: Mind Control.
  • Added: T-SM Support to Warmaster Galenir.
  • Change: Lord Greenscale's enrage timer.
  • Change: Alsbeth the Discordant's enrage timer.
  • Change: Herald Gaurath's enrage timer.
  • Change: Warmaster Galenir's enrage timer.
  • Removed: Many incorrect Enrage timers from GSB and RoS.


  • Thanks to Dooc@Spross-Passage for German Translations
  • Thanks to Céres@Brisesol for French Translations
  • Added: German Translations for Options Window.
  • Added: German Translation for Hammerknell Fortress.
  • Added: German Translations for the following bosses.
    • Murdantix's mechanics, abilities and options.
    • King Molinar's mechanics, abilities and options.
    • Matron Zamira encounter recognition.
    • Soulrender Zilas encounter recognition.
    • Inwar Darktide encounter recognition.


  • New: Scroll bars added to Options Window.
  • Change: Better looking, and size Options Button.
  • Change: Bosses are now less sensitive to calling a wipe on you.
  • Added: New French translations to options window.
  • Added: King Molinar Timer filters.
  • Added: Prince Dollin Timer filters.
  • Added: River of Souls Instance (Template)
  • Added: ROS - Dark Foci (Template)
  • Added: ROS - Warmaster Galenir (Template)
  • Added: ROS - Plutonus the Immortal (Template)
  • Added: ROS - Herald Gaurath (Template)
  • Added: ROS - Alsbeth the Discordant (Template)
  • Added: Greenscale's Blight Instance (Template)
  • Added: GSB - Duke Letarues (Template)
  • Added: GSB - Infiltrator Johlen (Template)
  • Added: GSB - Oracle Aleria (Template)
  • Added: GSB - Prince Hylas (Template)
  • Added: GSB - Lord Greenscale (Template)


  • New!: There's now a basic button for the options screen, Rift Style.
  • Note: The new button will be unlocked (right click to move) and centered.
  • Added: French Translations for Timer/Enrage Timer.
  • Added: French Translations for Timer/Enrage Timer Options.


  • New: Encounter Timer.
  • New: Hard Enrage Timer.
  • Added: French Translations to King Molinar casts
  • Added: French Translations to Prince Dollin casts.
  • Added: French Translations to King Molinar timers.
  • Added: French Translations to Prince Dollin timers.
  • Added: Murdantix Enrage Timer.
  • Added: Vladmal Prime Enrage Timer.
  • Added: Sicaron Enrage Timer.
  • Added: King Molinar and Prince Dollin Enrage Timer.
  • Added: Estrode Enrage Timer.
  • Added: Grugonim Enrage Timer.
  • Added: Inquisitor Garau Enrage Timer.
  • Added: T-SM support for Matron Zamira.
  • Added: Further French translations to the Options Window.
  • Change: NPC Chat triggers now use the new "Notify" trigger method.
  • Fixed: Damage timers where not triggering correctly, if at all.


  • New: Tank-Swap Monitor (T-SM).
  • Added: Tank-Swap Monitor to Murdantix. (Experimental, but safe)
  • Added: Tank-Swap Monitor to Grugonim. (Experimental, but safe)
  • Added: Tank-Swap Options to GUI Options window.
  • Added: French Client support for Murdantix Soul Trauma.
  • Added: French Client support for Murdantix Demonic Blast.
  • Added: Grugonim boss encounter (template).
  • Added: Inwar Darktide boss encounter (template).
  • Added: Sicaron boss encounter (template).
  • Added: Estrode boss encounter (template).
  • Added: Added more translation templates to various bosses.
  • Change: Murdantix Demonic Blast timer reduces by 1s
  • Fixed: Vladmir Prime Ancient Flames.
  • Fixed: Error messages for "Notify" type events.
  • Fixed: French Translation for Mangling Crush.


  • Added: Inquisitor Garau, French client support.
  • Added: Inquisitor Garau, French client support for Arcane Essence.
  • Added: Inquisitor Garau, partial French client support for Arcane Porters.
  • Added: Inquisitor Garau, partial French client support for Infused Crawlers.
  • Added: Soulrender Zilas boss encounter (template).
  • Added: Matron Zamira boss encounter (template).
  • Added: Vladmal Prime boss encounter.
  • Added: Vladmal Prime's Ancient Flame timer.
  • Added: Murdantix Demonic Blast timer.
  • Added: Murdantix Soul Trauma timer.
  • Added: Murdantix castbar.
  • Added: Matron Zimara castbar.
  • Added: Soulrender Zilas castbar.
  • Added: Vladmal Prime castbar.
  • Added: Inquisitor Garau castbar.
  • Fixed: Inquisitor Garau encounter reset.


  • Fixed: French Menu options.
  • Fixed: New settings method now being used by King's Monitor.


  • Fixed: King Molinar's data not resetting correctly after a wipe.
  • Change: Prince Dollin's cast bar now uses new Addon cast bar interface.
  • Change: King Molinar's cast bar now uses new Addon cast bar interface.
  • Change: Further adjustments to Encounter monitoring.
  • Change: Notify type timers now link to an Encounter rather than a boss.
  • Change: Saved Variables improved again for version differences.
  • Added: Redundant Saved Variables will now be removed automatically.
  • Added: Internal encounter duration timers in preparation for OSD.
  • Added: Time taken message after encounter wipes/victories.
  • Added: French support for Murdantix Encounter.
  • Added: New internal language dictionary interface.
  • Added: Akylios framework. *Encounter start/wipe for Phase 1 only. (test)
  • Added: Akylios Wave counter for Phase 1 only (test)
  • Added: New repeatable persistent timers.


  • Changed Tracking methods for King and Prince after Unit.Unavailable
  • Above possibly fixes cases where the monitor could lose track of HP.


  • More adjustments to the Encounter Start/End monitoring (Hopefully this time!).
  • Fixed an issue with Murdantix encounter locking out all other bosses.
  • Added the Inquisitor Garau encounter.
  • Added Inquisitor Garau Options page.
  • New Timer: (Garau) Blood Tide
  • New Timer: (Garau) Infused Crawlers
  • New Timer: (Garau) Arcane Porters
  • New Timer: (Garau) Arcane Essence
  • New Timer: (King Molinar) Incorporeal Revenants
  • Changed Saved Variables to handle version changes better, and future per-character settings.
  • [King Molinar] Increased polling rate of monitor for smoother updates.


  • Fixed Variable initialization


  • Adjusted how an Encounter Starts / Ends. Should be more fluid.
  • Preparation work added for Notify type boss mechanic timers.
  • Preparation work added for Boss say mechanic timers.
  • Added first draft of Cascading Timer Mechanics
  • Added Option to show/hide Timer Anchor.
  • Added Option to Move/lock Timer Anchor.
  • Added Option to show/hide future Castbar Anchor.
  • Added Option to Move/lock future Castbar Anchor.
  • Added Timers to Rune King Molinar and Prince Dollin
  • New Timer: (Prince Dollin) Runic Feedback
  • New Timer: (Prince Dollin) Consuming Essence
  • New Timer: (Prince Dollin) Terminate Life
  • New Timer: (King Molinar) Cursed Blows
  • New Timer: (King Molinar) Consuming Essence
  • Added Encounter: Murdantix
  • Added Timers for Murdantix
  • New Timer: (Murdantix) Mangling Crush
  • New Timer: (Murdantix) Ferocious Pound
  • Added Selective Timer Options for Murdantix
  • Note: Sizing of castbars, and Timers currently removed. They'll return.


  • Note: Early release to hopefully catch inconsistency with abilities.
  • Fix should be in place for better Cast bar filtering.
  • Added the ability to select options via the description.
  • More backend changes to the plug-in system.
  • Improved options page functionality.


  • First Instance of the Encounter being a plug-in mod.
  • Added Cast filtering for both King Molinar and Prince Dollin.
  • Added the following Cast filters.
    • Rend Life.
    • Terminate Life.
    • Crushing Regret.
    • Consuming Essense (King Molinar.)
    • Consuming Essense (Prince Dollin.)
    • Forked Blast.
    • Runic Feedback.
    • Frightening Shout.
    • Cursed Blows.
  • Added Cast Filtering Options.
  • Once again removed Chronicles triggering the HK Mod.
  • All commands are now /kbm not /km
  • Autoreset enabled by default, and still a slash command only (/kbmautoreset).


  • Fixed bugged SavedVariables.


  • Overhauled main framework.
  • Enabled King and Princes bars as both always visible.
  • Removed most slash commands in favor of the new GUI Options.
  • Added GUI Options screen. (use /kbmoptions)
  • Added Start of Boss Mods plug-in framework for more encounters.
  • Changed Addon file layout to be self-contained.
  • Started work on splitting King's encounter as a plug-in.


  • German localization should be working again.
  • Added a cast bar for Prince Dollin below the monitor (when visible).
  • Added a cast bar for King Molinar above the monitor (when visible).
  • Added command /kmprincebar
  • Added command /kmkingbar
  • The monitor should no longer trigger in HK Chronicles.


  • Fixed lock/unlock messages to the client.


  • Increased polling rate of the monitor slightly.
  • Percentage calculations tweaked further.
  • New Command: /kmautoreset (Experimental)
  • New Command: /kmsize (toggles monitor size between normal/compact)
  • New Command: /kmhelp (lists all commands in game)
  • Added a compact version of the monitor (see /kmsize)
  • Added auto reset when the bosses die.
  • Added experimental auto reset condition checking for wipes/resets. (See /kmautoreset)


  • Added first instance of the monitor auto-showing on encounter start.
  • Increased the polling rate of the monitor for further accuracy improvements.

v0.0.6 Beta

  • Added German client support.
  • Added French client support.
  • Adjusted percentage accuracy again.
  • Changed the styling of the HP bars for each boss slightly.
  • Added New command, /kmreset, which will reset the monitor only, not your display.

v0.0.5 Beta

  • Fixed Saved Variables not initializing correctly with older versions previously installed. (Error 301)

v0.0.4 Beta

  • Tested in Chronicles tonight, removed all the chat spam errors that could appear.
  • Uploaded the right version of the file. 0.0.2, and 0.0.3 were never actually uploaded. Hence no one ever actually seeing the fixes.

v0.0.3 Beta

  • Took another look at the chat spam errors. Having to test this blind, so apologies.

v0.0.2 Beta

  • Now saves both the locked and hidden states.
  • Rounding issues with the percentages being -1 to their actual values.
  • Removed errors being posted to chat during deaths.

v0.0.1 Beta

  • Initial Release