How To

Screen Alerts

Adjusting the flashing border size.

  • Open the options page for KBM in game by either left clicking the crown icon or typing /kbmoptions in the chat window.
  • Select Screen Alerts from the left hand menu panel.
  • Ensure there is a tick in the box next to "Show anchor (for positioning)."
  • Ensure there is a tick in the box next to "Unlock alert border."
  • Move your cursor over either border at the sides of your screen and move your mouse wheel to adjust the size.



  • First off, locate your RIFT game folder and delete or back-up log.txt. You'll be using this as your new translation base each time.
  • Ensure you are running your desired translation language in the Rift Client options.

In Game

  • Make a macro which will enable the non-combat log, end the command line and then disable the non-combat log.
  • Run the macro once, and ensure that a new Log.txt file has been created in the RIFT game folder.

In-game macro

  • /log

Preparing Translation File

  • Immediately rename the Log.txt file to something like: (this will ensure consistency)

    • LocaleLog_DE_r310.lua
    • LocaleLog_RU_r310.lua
    • LocaleLog_FR_r310.lua
    • LocaleLog_KO_r310.lua

  • Once renamed, open up the above file in a text editor of your choosing, ensuring the type is converted to UTF8.
  • The detailed report list will contain all the information you and I need to apply translations.
  • Finally you can also set the language type to Lua if your editor supports it (such as Notepad++, personal preference, the report is Lua)

Report File Structure

  • Due to Trions non-combat logging. Each line will be preceded with a time stamp in the format "[0-99]+:[0-99]+:[0-99]: " (Regular expression)
  • You can remove this yourself using a Find-Replace regular expression (see above) match to "". Or, leave it as is and I can remove it myself.
  • The output is grouped by Directory, then File, then Sub-Types (i.e Ability, Unit... etc), and finally a list of missing translations with correct syntax.

Example Vladmal Prime German output

-- Group ID: Hammerknell/
-- Directory: Hammerknell/
-- File: Prime.lua
-- Sub Type: Unit
VP.Lang.Unit.Prime:SetGerman("Vladmal Prime")
-- Group list End ****

Applying Translations

  • Taking the above example, you would replace the quoted phrase with your languages' correct translation.
  • Note that in this example, the Sub Type is Unit so this would require an exact translation. Sub Types such as Verbose can be loose translations which best represent the original English phrase in your own language.
  • Finally, if the translation from English to your language is the same, please append "-- Same" to the end of the dictionary entry. This will enable me to set the translation flag to true and stop that translation from being listed in the report.
  • In order to test in your own version of the Addon. Simply copy the dictionary definition to the appropriate place in the listed file. For the sake of the Vladmal prime example, that would be located in "/Hammerknell/Prime.lua" as listed in the output.

Example Non-Differing Translation

-- Group ID: Hammerknell/
-- Directory: Hammerknell/
-- File: Prime.lua
-- Sub Type: Unit
VP.Lang.Unit.Prime:SetGerman("Vladmal Prime") -- Same
-- Group list End ****

Sending translations for inclusion.

  • Once you've applied all the translations, and tested if you wish. Simply send in the edited Lua file to myself via any means you feel is the most convenient. (email or private message)

Final Notes

  • If during the process of translation anything is missing a dictionary reference. Please let me know and I'll ensure a new dictionary reference is created for the next alpha cycle.


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