LibNotify by NerfedWar

LibNotify provides an API to display/manage a stack of fading growl-like alerts and notifications.

Command-line Usage:

		to display this help.

	/notify [colour] [message]
	/alert [colour] [message]
			[d]: default.
			[r]: red.
			[g]: green.
			[b]: blue.
		[message]: the message to display.
	e.g. /alert r Hello RIFT!

API Usage:

	LibNotify.notify(colour, message)
	LibNotify.alert(colour, message)
	e.g. /script LibNotify.alert(LibNotify.GREEN, 'Hello again RIFT!')
	where colour can equal: LibNotify.BLACK, LibNotify.RED,
 	LibNotify.GREEN, LibNotify.BLUE, and message is a string. 

Embedding LibNotify:

Ddd the following to your .toc file and place the LibNotify directory beneath your own adon directory. (See the ChatAlert addon for a full example)

	Embed = {
		LibNotify = true,

	Dependencies = {
		LibNotify = {"required", "before"},

NerfedWar [email protected]

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