Onslaught manages and tracks your daily Onslaught activities.

It presents an icon which can have 3 colours:

1. GRAY - Icon is unlocked and can be moved around screen by clicking+dragging. Once in place, a right click locks it.
2. GREEN - Onslaught quests are available in your current zone.
3. RED - Your current zone has no onslaught quests.

If the icon is red/green, it shows a popup window with some information.

If the zone has Onslaught quests, then it will list them. Each entry will be coloured.

1. LIGHT GREEN - You have completed and handed in this quest today
2. DARK GREEN - You have the quest in your journal
3. BLACK - You do not have the quest in your journal

In addition, the header label when you mouseover will be one of two different colours.

1. RED - When you change zone, it will hide all existing Onslaught quests from your tracker, and show any that you currently have in your quest log.
2. GREEN - It will not do the above!

To toggle between the above modes, use:

/onslaught autoswap

The addon icon can be left-clicked (when Locked), doing so toggles display of the GPS window - this will show Onslaughts in your current zone, and what direction they are relative to you (N/S/E/W/NE/NW/SE/SW).

The list is sorted by distance, with closest at the top.

Clicking the ''Mode:" label will toggle between ALL and AVAILABLE modes - Available shows just the Incompleted onslaught quests.

Click the OBJ/QST label toggles between showing location/distance of the quest giver, or the Wardstone that is the objective of the quest. They are often close together, but not always!

NOTE: At the moment, ONLY SL Onslaughts are known about in terms of locations. EI Onslaughts will be added later.

NOTE: If Docker is installed, then the icon will Dock itself along with all the others, and all the functionality to move it around is disabled.


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