The aim of this addon is to track your best score for each ability for damage, heals AND tanking tracking both normals & crits so you can see how you improve as you get better gear.

Early days as to what the addon can do and at present it will be somewhat limited display wise until I get to grips with how frame design can be improved. At present it works out your best damage (crit & normal) for each ability used, your best heal (crit & normal) for each ability used, and it does tanking stats so tracks highest damage taken and from what, highest block, highest avoided, highest modified & highest absorbed (all of these are both crit and normal recorded).

The addon now outputs your scores to the UI frame which can be dragged around the screen. By default to save screen space the bars are collapsed, clicking on the + button next to each category expands the bars for that category.

I plan on adding extra features like tooltips that record where and when you got the record score and what you were doing eg: fighting X.

Use /ts to configure the addon in particular /ts reset will clear all saved values.

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